Since all you people are so worried about the end of the world, :) I thought I'd share a sweet email I got last year about this time:

Some people believe that, according to the Mayan calendar (or something
like that), we (humanity) have about 1 year left to live. :) If that's
the case and this New Year Celebration is the last one in our lives, I
wish your 2012 to be the best year you ever had! And if it is not the
case, I wish every following year in your life to be better than all the
previous ones!!! Just in case, we should live 2012 as if it is the
last:)!!! Keep that in mind!!! :)

Now that's a good way to look at Doomsday,  just take that to apply to 2013!

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"...we should live 2012 as if it is the last:)!!!"

That's the message I took from the series of books on the adventures of Don Juan (the Latino peasant, not the European rake). The author added that living as if every act will be my last is the only way to my rightful power.

The sole purpose of the religion I once knew (Catholicism) was to deny me my rightful power. For a while, it succeeded.



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