What a fucking bitch: "I want my child to change so my church friends don't make fun of me". How do you forget your child's birthday three years in a row? Seriously: "I forgot my child's birthday three years in a row". And she thinks she's being betrayed, that her kid turned gay just to spite her? LOL! Have to see the irony in this person's comments. 

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The kind of ignorant thinking represented by this question reminds me all too much of the Yahoo Answers piece which was circulating some years back aboutWhat is the best way to stop your child being an atheist:

Good answer.

Dear Betrayed,

It's possible that your child has become homosexual simply because you have forgotten his birthday for the last 3 years. I suggest that you remember his birthday, go all out for presents, and even buy him a Lamborghini. Try this for the next 3 years and then write me back to report what's happening. If this doesn't cure his homosexuality at least he will be riding around in style.

Here's another thought. It is possible that you yourself have the homo gene, so it's your fault that your child is gay. Just sayin.'

Write me back in 3 years.

And while you're buying HIM a Lamborghini, I wouldn't mind one either - say an Aventador ... in deep blue.


Make mine a Maserati, and I'll promise to straight - like I have been for over 60 years.

Related: a week ago I saw a car in hot pink and white, with pink eyelashes over the headlights and pink leopard print inside. The bumper stickers made it clear it belonged to a gay nursing student (among others: "I'm so gay I can't even drive straight"; I think there was a rainbow "Coexist" too).

A parent forgetting their son's birthday for the past three years? And only being concerned about being made fun of by the church group, rather than about the son suffering for eternity in an imagined hell?

Whether the question is real or a troll, Amy's answer is priceless, with good advice for other parents! (Read the full answer on her site.) I'll quote it here, to make it googleable:

Parents should become gay to understand gay son

By Amy Dickinson

November 19, 2013

Dear Amy: I recently discovered that my son, who is 17, is a homosexual. We are part of a church group and I fear that if people in that group find out they will make fun of me for having a gay child.

He won’t listen to reason, and he will not stop being gay. I feel as if he is doing this just to get back at me for forgetting his birthday for the past three years — I have a busy work schedule.

Please help him make the right choice in life by not being gay. He won’t listen to me, so maybe he will listen to you.

— Feeling Betrayed

Dear Betrayed: You could teach your son an important lesson by changing your own sexuality to show him how easy it is. Try it for the next year or so: Stop being a heterosexual to demonstrate to your son that a person’s sexuality is a matter of choice — to be dictated by one’s parents, the parents’ church and social pressure.

I assume that my suggestion will evoke a reaction that your sexuality is at the core of who you are. The same is true for your son. He has a right to be accepted by his parents for being exactly who he is.

When you “forget” a child’s birthday, you are basically negating him as a person. It is as if you are saying that you have forgotten his presence in the world. How very sad for him.

Pressuring your son to change his sexuality is wrong. If you cannot learn to accept him as he is, it might be safest for him to live elsewhere.

A group that could help you and your family figure out how to navigate this is Pflag.org. This organization is founded for parents, families, friends and allies of LGBT people, and has helped countless families through this challenge. Please research and connect with a local chapter.

That is a classic and wonderful response, although I suspect the letter is fake (Dear Abby/Ann Landers also had a lot of suspiciously fake-sounding letters.) Regardless, it's spot-on.

And if it's true, the parent didn't "forget," it's passive-aggression aimed at the suspicion they already had.




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