I'm R. I. Crawford.  From my initials RIC I get the nickname Ricky.  Though I signed up a few weeks ago I just have not taken the time to check this site out much.  If I were running for political office I would rightfully be called a flip flopper when it comes to atheist vs theist.  Recently when push came to shove and I thought mostly in a panic attack fueled by a resting pulse of 160 beats per minute that my mortal coil might be unraveling, I thought to myself this would be it.

By that I mean no after life good or bad it would all just fade to a never ending black.  I'm still not 100% sure if there is an afterlife but defy Pascal's wager to live to make the best of life here and now.  It's a work in progress even though I know this journey of life could end for me anytime.

On a lighter note, I seem to end up in the most conservative parts of California and could really use like minded people to get to know.  To those who wrote on my wall, thanks for the welcome!

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