Just So You Know What You're Up Against: Why Waste Time Trying To Convert Them?

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That's is true - I live in Texas too so I know what you are talking about. Austin has it better I think than most the other cities here. So I'm glad I live in Austin.

Maybe you should come and live in Austin James.

Probably.  I could help "Keep Austin Crazy."

"That ain't how I's raised!"

Translation- "I refuse to evaluate my moral positions whether they be Nazi, Christian, Klansman, Flat Earther, Homophobe, Bigot, Misogynist, etc. "

For all his anti-semitic, homophobic, &c. brouhaha Mel Gibson and his production company produced the excellent TV documentary series, "Carrier."  In one episode, a racist is called on the carpet by the Captain of the ship.  The officer asks if the seaman can do anything about his attitude and the young sailor says, "No sir, it's just the way I was raised."  The Captain, with little hesitation, replies that the seaman should start packing to go home.  It was an epiphany (you should pardon the expression) in that wonderful TV series, competing with an equally un-Mel-like scene where two young seamen, obviously in love, can't admit their same sex attraction but act like identical twins.  Great job, Mel!

Thanks, I'll check that out!

Blackbeard - RE: "That ain't how I's raised!" - you left off the other half of that sentence. C'mon, you know you did! And if you're that familiar with the first half, I KNOW you've been there, and should know how the rest of it goes as well:

"That ain't how Ah's raised 'nd Ah turned out awright!"

Coming back to you now? Of course you only hear this from the real knuckle-draggers, who clearly least embody the term, "turned out awright."

I have some friends, a mixed couple of Catholic dad and prostestant mom, children who may or may not wholly believe, who were somewhat shocked when I told them I did not believe in God.  But they have accepted that and are as nice to me as ever.  I just keep my peace around them.  And they only push religion on me at the appropriate holidays.  I've even done the hand-holding b.s. before dinner.  No big deal.  I would have thought nothing of it years ago.  Why make a fuss now?

James - "I've even done the hand-holding b.s. before dinner."

I ran across a group last year with exactly your same healthy, philosophical outlook - I think you'd enjoy meeting them:


It is great that talented people who are freethinkers make videos like this.  If nothing else they make the believer think.

I have a very short test that works pretty well, especially with kids.  Ask them to complete this sentence: "Questioning authority is _______________."  If they say "Evil!" or anything like that, talk about the weather.  If they say "Brilliant!" or anything in that direction, move on to religion.  You just might have a humanist/atheist/freethinker.

That is a great litmus 

The rabid true believer is beyond conversion and it's pissing in the wind to try. There is, however, a bunch of "go along " christians that are worth the effort - that is until they play the stupid card..


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