So a couple door-to-door jehova's witnesses came to my house just now, when I opened the door they said they were encouraging their neighbors to read the bible. I hate these people, and I was just too tired and emotionally wrapped up in other issues to give a damn about offending them, so I politely shook my head and just said flat-out "you know, I'm an atheist." They just smiled and said "okay, thank you," and went to the next house. Wow! I didn't get verbally whiplashed, I didn't even get a dirty look, it was just like I said "you know what, I'm a jew." Maybe being an atheist isn't such a bad thing anymore, and I'm really proud of myself because for the first time to people other than my close friends or family I said right out that I'm an atheist like it was no big deal, and got the response I wanted from the other side!

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Or maybe they were.........somewhat more understanding jehovah's witnesses......or pretending to be polite but then cursed you once you closed the door. :O

Honestly, I never encountered one of these door to door people. I guess living in NJ has some perks....who knew?
I had a friend whi was a jehovah's witnesses..She told me once she never talked to me about it cause she knew I was not interested.
She did have some interesting experiences witnessing though,like being given mead,etc.
I actually just had another one come back just now. Wow two in one day. This one when I told him flat out that I was an atheist was like "oh, that's interesting," and nodded his head trying to intrigue me into buying something. Hah!
Lol, you get two in a day and I've yet to see my first.
I was one for over thirty years. Most of them are pretty nice people. The vast majority of them knock on doors because they'll be looked down upon and seen as "weak" by the group if they don't. If they acted like they didn't care that you were an atheist, it's probably because they didn't care. The religion is turning into a social club as time passes. You can only tell people that the end is right around the corner for so long before they get tired and disillusioned.
I'm in LA County, you can find a church that worships Bob out here, and they all go knocking on doors soliciting. So yeah I get a lot of them.
Congratulations! Once you get comfortable with the idea, it definitely gets easier.
Good for you! Always be proud of who you are. The more atheists people meet, the more the stigma will subside.
Years ago I had a similar experience. After telling them I was an atheist they came more frequently. Sometimes they would leave pamphlets at my door. I think they thought I "needed to be saved".
One of them actually asked me..." Don't you want to be saved?" or something to that effect. My response was... "when i want saving, I'll call the fire department."
and if it wasn't the JW's it was the moron... err.. Mormons knocking. They're a much more entertaining group. It's much easier to get a "You're gonna burn in hell" out of them.
Eventually I put a NO Soliciting sign by my door.
I always wanted to get the JW's and Mormons at my doorstep at the same time and see if i could get them to fight it out over who gets my "soul". Clash of the Cults, now that would have been downright entertaining. ;)
"and if it wasn't the JW's it was the moron... err.. Mormons knocking. They're a much more entertaining group. It's much easier to get a "You're gonna burn in hell" out of them."

That would be due to the fact that JW's don't believe in a burning hell. They also reject the notion of an immortal soul. They do believe that Armageddon is about to begin and that only baptized Witnesses are going to survive. They'll say that it's up to Jehovah to spare whomever he wants to, suggesting that some non-JW's may make it as well. But that's just PR. The official belief is that non-members will be exterminated.
Wow, gratz! I've had very different experiences with witnesses whom I have told not to come to my house the second and third times. I've even told them I'm an atheist and they're like, "what so you think this was all an accident?"

Finally I got so fed up with them that I told the last batch who asked me if I was 'interested in knowing the truth,' "Oh, I know the truth. There is no g0d and you're in a cult!" *slam*

They have not been back.
I always tell them I'm an atheist and they always leave immediately.

My guess: They figure it is possible to occasionally get another believer to change sides - but atheists are a waste of time.




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