So a couple door-to-door jehova's witnesses came to my house just now, when I opened the door they said they were encouraging their neighbors to read the bible. I hate these people, and I was just too tired and emotionally wrapped up in other issues to give a damn about offending them, so I politely shook my head and just said flat-out "you know, I'm an atheist." They just smiled and said "okay, thank you," and went to the next house. Wow! I didn't get verbally whiplashed, I didn't even get a dirty look, it was just like I said "you know what, I'm a jew." Maybe being an atheist isn't such a bad thing anymore, and I'm really proud of myself because for the first time to people other than my close friends or family I said right out that I'm an atheist like it was no big deal, and got the response I wanted from the other side!

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I've never been lucky enough to have them come to my house. Boy, I'd bet that I'd be able to throw a few curve balls at them. Actually, one time, about 25 years ago, when I was a kid, some came to my house. Which was really odd, because I lived in the middle of nowhere! They dropped off a pamphlet, and all I can remember is it depicted paradise, with pictures of lions laying down with sheep and with people.
JW's of late seem to have become much less aggressive in their mission.

In the old days they would take every opportunity to force their beliefs in people, now they seem more than willing to "live and let live"

Congratulations on coming out :-) I am glad it went well for you .
PS some years ago a group of mates and I had just returned from a hunting trip, we had been in the bush for a week and stank. We were cleaning our rifles and guns on the verandah so there were guns ammunition and rancid blokes all over the place.

Some JWs turned up and asked we were prepared for heaven...... then they looked inside..... we looked at them and said "yep why are you guys ready to go ?"

They bolted and we never saw them again!



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