Woman kills and partially eats baby, ingests its brains... but its ok, it wasn't her fault. The DEVIL made her do it.

Is it me or is it time for that excuse to go the way of the dinosaur? Seriously, there is no excuse for any kind of crime such as this, but it always seems ol' Scratch gets the credit every time.

The most religious people are the ones most susceptible to this horrible "devil forcing action" problem. I've never heard of an Atheistic killer who was forced to do anything evil, so is this strictly a Christian problem? That is a rhetorical question... but I do get so tired of this "blaming" behavior our society has become so accustomed to.

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Some Christians get offended when you tell them that. Apparently quite a few of them, at least the ones I know, seem to think Satan really did make that poor woman eat her baby.
I think it's because they fear if one bit of religious nonsense is tarred as delusional, when they claim to be "Called By The Lord" to do something, they will be rightly branded just as delusional.
I wonder if they'd defend her if she claimed Jesus told her to do it.

(My nutty fundie aunt sent out a mass email titled "PROVE OF SATANS INFLUINCE", proving both the nutty part and the fundie part. She also gave strong supporting evidence for how badly the schools in this state suck. I'm kinda amazed she isn't writing for the WorldNutDaily yet. To be fair, she spelled both "satan" and "of" correctly, which is better than we expect of her.)
I also think they fear if one bit of religious nonsense is tarred as delusional, when they claim to be "Called By The Lord" to do something, they will be rightly branded just as delusional...Well put/So that being said,do you thjink on some level they know religion os bullshit or do you really think they believe it?
I think some are probably True Believers, but there's always that niggling fear of being labelled crazy. Especially for the ones that aren't True Believers and only do it because it's popular and what's expected of them.
It's my impression that the woman is/was suffering severely from postpartum psychosis. I think she really thought the devil was involved. It's interesting to note that the devil excuse may come from the prevalence of religion in our society. I bet the excuse would be different if we were a secular society, but I think that these things would still occur. I'm not trying to defend her actions in anyway, but I agree with The Nerd that she is probably clinically insane.
I agree that religion is a way to not see reality as it is, and that extreme religiosity is extreme detachment from reality. Still, if this woman had not been religious, she would have blamed her behavior on witchcraft, or aliens, or whatever. The problem with religious-crazy is that it's awfully hard to separate from regular-crazy.
Good points. The deference to religious nonsense in the courts is pretty bad. It does seem to be eroding slowly, however. More and more states are removing the religious exemptions to child abuse, neglect, and manslaughter laws. Recent cases in Wisconsin and Oregon are bringing this stupidity to light.
Awsome, I think I just figured out what to do with all the creationists... and my excuse to get away with it.

Thanks religion!
You know, from a Christian perspective, we have more of a right to this excuse than anyone else considering that our lives and worldview are the work of the devil.
She's mentally ill. That's not an excuse. It's the explanation.
this may sound harsh but I think the moment you step in the psych ward or prescribed anti-psychotics you should be sterilized. I'm not talking mild depression that some of us might experience with life's hard times, I mean severe mental illness where you can't function semi-normally without multiple prescriptions. The first article I read said the baby's father was on 6 anti-psychotic drugs and he didn't think anything was wrong with her. I don't think he would know the difference due to own mental illness to know if another mentally ill person was acting normal.
Very easily... what constitutes 'normal'? What committee of people would you come up with to judge whether or not someone deserved to reproduce.

It's a little unsettling to consider de-sexing people that we test as not being 'normal'.
*phew* Thank goodness... :)




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