ok, a little hyperbole for the title, but it's not far off.  here we have a state governor scribbling notes about a piece of legislation that makes him sound like a middle schooler.  i'm disappointed it didn't have them sitting in a tree. the larger point here is that this really should be lead national news.  in red states all over the country, we've had a dramatic uptick in abortion laws enacted.  some that have been signed into state law are quite clearly unconstitutional.  

but there's always been a secular argument for such legislation.  it's a weak one, and it's easy to see the religious element at play here.  but they have plausible deniability.  until now.  unless Gov. Brownback truly was just daydreaming about virgin mom and son (i feel stupider just typing that last phrase) he clearly states his rationale.  

here the veil is lifted.  they are crazy for Jesus, and Jesus clearly hated abortion.  forget that he never says it, in their hearts they know he would have hated women from having family planning options, or the choice to have a healthy child as opposed to a one who will break them, or to prevent unwanted teenage mothers, etc.  

i'm sure i've missed some of the reasons to be outraged, so have at it.  this shit really pisses me off!

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So very sorry, my computer is going batty. I intended to only Add one Reply.

wow more reason to amned the Constitution "...shall not let crazy people sign law/bills etc.."

what's next? "..drink the wine, quick they'll be here w/secular security guards!?!??"

Joan, there being nothing more on this page I will complete my statement.

An illustration. My wife was a classroom teacher. The school’s goal was to educate students.

To that goal, teachers are more important than in-school teacher advisors, because:

1. Reducing the number of teachers reduces the number of students educated.

2. Reducing the number of in-school teacher advisors does not reduce the number of students educated.

Teachers are more important to the goal.

Now, consider the goal of limiting the population. I said female is more important than male to this goal.

Female is more important because, and you might hate the example I use here:

1. Kill off half the men in the world and women who want to get pregnant will do so. Reproduction will continue at a level determined by those women.

2. Kill off half the women in the world and reproduction will continue at a greatly reduced rate.

This is why I said female is more important than male to the goal of limiting population.



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