How many of us believe in Karma, that hidden supernatuarl science in which most say "what goes around comes around?" Theists and others want to believe that if you have harmed or hurt anyone it will come back and bite you. That sounds good but is not true at all.

   Karma simply means that you are actively doing something. Karma is what and who you are. It has nothing to do with hidden supernatural crap. Your Karma is exactly what you are doing. It cannot be influenced by things unknown. Your Karma is you.

   I'm interested in input on this subject.

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I hope and would like to believe that because let's face it we've all done things we shouldn't. They're are many that get away with murder or hurting ppl all the time and many good ppl who seem to have "bad luck" so impossible to prove but it can always linger in the back of one's mind.

Michael, please don't drive your karma over my dogma.

I sold my Volkskarma Van soon after I moved to San Francisco. (Nice alliteration, eh? It's also true.)

Ten years later the Dept. of Motor Vehicles wrote me, complimenting my safe driving.

Bureaucracies sometimes do wondrous things.

I have a great driving record for the same reason :)  

Don't drive your karma over my dogma.

How do you categorize your dogma?

I don't categorize my dogma, Luara; I dogetorize it.

You walked into that one, didn't you? Enjoy.

I was making a joke about cats & dogs.  Obviously :)

The only way karma is functional is in that, at least in some cases, some good action done to someone is more likely to inspire good done back, just as a bad action done isn't likely to give rise to a positive response.  Do enough good or enough bad and a reputation for one or the other may develop, which can (not necessarily WILL) draw more of the same in that person's direction.  It may be that, at sometime or other, someone made that same observation and let the concept run away with him.

What little there is of karma is the interplay of human relationships.  That's IT.

Exactly @Loren Miller 'interplay of human relationships' beautifully put . I think that's what ancient Indian's tried to teach and even Buddha . now its turned to "supernatural crap" :)


if you have harmed or hurt anyone it will come back and bite you.

It's true in the sense that people change their relationship to humanity by how they act.  People who do good in the world tend to strengthen their connection with others, which helps them.  People who harm others, harm themselves, although they may not realize it at the time.  We need a healthy connection with the rest of humanity. 

On a world level the more people are doing good/nice things the more likely they are to do it to you and you to them, with also the reverse being the case. On an individual level the more good or bad things you do the more your reputation for good or bad things gets around. That is about as far as karma goes.

Like Pat said, wishful thinking. It would be great if true but I think it ranks right up there with religion. It's just another way people give themselves comfort.




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