How many of us believe in Karma, that hidden supernatuarl science in which most say "what goes around comes around?" Theists and others want to believe that if you have harmed or hurt anyone it will come back and bite you. That sounds good but is not true at all.

   Karma simply means that you are actively doing something. Karma is what and who you are. It has nothing to do with hidden supernatural crap. Your Karma is exactly what you are doing. It cannot be influenced by things unknown. Your Karma is you.

   I'm interested in input on this subject.

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I think karma is no more than the wishy washy way of avoiding the fact that the world just carries on regardless of what we feel. It is as has been pointed out no more than wishful thinking. I watch the world leaders and the really bad stuff they propagate and they certainly don't seem to pay in any way that I am aware of. Bush, Blair going into the war seems to be working out very nicely for them. Now paid a fortune to speak. The popes are doing nicely. Seems if you have money and power you are teflon coated because they just carry on. No karma unfortunately!

...bad people can never get caught and be a total douche....

Do those words state a belief about the spaces where douches are done?

I really don’t think Karma exists.

I think chance, as in the event’s of our daily lives, does have an impact upon us. The theory of entropy, complexity, chaos, maybe even non-baryonic dark matter pretty much insures that “chance” remains a physical constant.
I’m more of a believer in luck. That is, the Thomas Jefferson form of “The harder I work, the more luck I have”, variety.

I think the only Karma I could be said to “believe” in has a woman I once knew named Karma, and she was a thoroughly miserable person who prided herself on being nasty to everyone, including her friends. My “belief” was that I could always count on the worst in her.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, karma depends on reincarnation. What one does in this life determines one's station in the next life. Because we don't remember past lives, we can't know if we were good or evil the last time around, nor can anyone we might have injured in a previous life seek revenge in this life, just as we can't peek into hell to see if Adolf Hitler is there or into heaven to check on Jerry Falwell. Reincarnation makes karma an unfalsifiable hypothesis.




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