My partner just told me about this incident on the Emmy Awards just past, and I'm somewhat amazed that it hasn't shown up here!  That said:

Please enjoy!

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What year was that ? Fantastic.
This was awesome. She is now my hero.
Mine too!
She needs to join AN.
Wow. How are there not giant boycotts and whatnot involving her by all the religious folk for this heresy? XD

She has quite the cajones to do that.
There were a number of comments by theists on the YouTube site about this - the usual drivel, though nothing of any significance or originality (gee whiz, big surprise there!). I suppose if you were to troll the xtian sites or Google her with a few tweaks, you might find more vitriol ... if you wanted to!
Probably because nobody actually watches the Emmy Awards, unless it is to see what the actresses are wearing or who they are dating.
I remember this like it was yesterday. She didn't apologize for it either, and didn't take anything back. She was winning a shitty award anyways, and wanted to make her time interesting. She said that she was a militant atheist beforehand and says it on her website. I've always been a Lifelong fan!
You know what? It was funny and it was true and, seriously, it was IMPORTANT. It's about time somebody spoofed that ridiculous trend of celebrities thanking god or jesus for everything from Super Bowl wins to Emmy awards. I have a friend who credits jesus every time she accomplishes something and it drives me banana shit.




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