Keep the pressure on Peter Palumbo bigoted anti-atheist State Representative of Rhode Island

to dcaprio at ridemocrats,org

A lot of us freethinkers around the country are still very upset at the way Representative Palumbo joined in the mass bullying of atheist student Jessica Ahlquist in Cranston RI.  I've been a loyal democrat my whole life of 72 years and I've never seen one of my elected representatives engage in open religious bigotry of the kind Palumbo exhibited  He vilified as evil some of the strongest supporters of our Constitution and of the Democratic Party.  Do you know that we "nones" gave Democratic Party candidates over a 70% of our votes in the 2012 elections?  We now comprise over 20% of the population and we have a high voting attendance record.  With guys like Palumbo around I'm considering not voting in the next one as a protest.  What are you doing about him?


Eric A. Stone, PhD


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I agree with you and support your idea about confronting our representatives on issues of religious bigotry. The issues confronting "nones" involve basic human rights and a letter writing campaign is something I can start right now. Thanks for the nudge.  

Joan I'm sure if you start something the rest of us on NA will follow.  Something needs to be done. Atheists need to be counted as people too. 

that's the craziest (in America) quote.. considering the Constitution is still valid... wtf

".  Something needs to be done. Atheists need to be counted as people too. "

@secular, wtf...I believe you misunderstood me.  If you are an atheist in the bible belt in the usa you have no political standing.  At last count there was one atheist congressman.  One.  We have no political clout.  We are looked at as some kind of devil worshipper and polititians certainly don't court our votes.  They would probably rather not be connected with atheists period.  Maybe you never run into this where you live.

Absolutely correct. As the numbers of "nones" or whatever a person wants to be called, there will be more pressure on politicians to take us into consideration as issues come up for vote. The time will come when believers will be in the minority and they will squeal like pigs at the trough trying to get at the mash. 

Good!  I will try to get my group of senior atheists here to take part in it.

That is the spirit. One person here, another there, and before you know it there will be a tide that cannot be stopped. My mother's and grandmothers' generations lived a kind of "please consider me when making political decision," to my generation, born in the 1930s, who begin to say, "I intend to have these freedoms and reward for my work, and don't get in my way!"

Women, especially, live in this changing environment, pushing it along, and as the economy weakens the working men, they, too will feel the injustice of current political and economic conditions and join the push. 

There is no reason why working men and women cannot have access to a share of profits produced by their goods and services and have every right to claim them. 

We do live in exciting times! 

thetic.. really!? 
w/ tax dollars going to myths; = fail.

i'm going to have to go back and find my email conversation with him.  the man is bonkers.  i'll post it here after i find it.  i even had a whole thread here about it.

oops, wrong guy.  i was thinking of a New Hampshire pol.

Found this after researching the incident: Palumbo’s email address is   His office phone number is  (401) 785-2882. I'm sure he'd love to hear from us (now that IS sarcasm.)

You're right, of course.  




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