How good or bad an idea do you think it would be to just have a coffee machine right next to me and, once the coffee has all dripped into the pot, add in the milk and sugar right there, just pull the pot out and sip from it when I need some, and replace the pot to so it gets kept hot by the heater plate thingy on the coffee maker?

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I boil my coffee on the stove, drink it black and leave some fresh coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup to keep it fresh. I have an aluminum insulated mug so it stays hot. I also eat those little coffe beans covered in chocolate.
Have you tried the Dark Side?
I suggest you switch to what is a laughingly called "instant cofee". I'm sure you won't notice the difference.

I drink only fresh coffee. I grind the beans as need and use one of those Italian percolators,which force the water through the coffee just once. Coffee should never be boiled or reheated. Ground coffee goes stale within a few hours of grinding.

Of course it's all a matter of personal taste and whether you have a palate.. :0)
With instant coffee I'd still have to make it each time, which is almost as bad in my mind as microwaving it.
I think you should probably get your lips covered with Kevlar and Nomex.
Replace "palate" with "wallet", and I agree.


Here Nescafe is around $50 a kg (about $25 a pound) I buy moderate quality coffee which usually retails for around $25 a kg .Last week I got my favourite brand for half that.

Even allowing for the weight difference,fresh coffee is not noticeably more expensive than instant. The cheapest coffee beans I can get here are around $13 kg (about $6 a lb)---and that is still many times better than any instant coffee,even if I use a plunger,which is probably the worst way to make fresh coffee after boiling it.

The "it's too expensive "argument against fresh coffee is a myth. It was probably invented by Nescafe or Maxwell House. After all,they're the unscrupulous aresholes who conned people into believing instant coffee is actually coffee,instead of a beverage derived from coffee after unspeakable things have been done to the poor little coffee beans.

Of course, I must admit coffee is one of my few remaining luxuries:I no longer drink or smoke, have never gambled and do not go out with dancing girls.
You know what works well? Put your poured cup of coffee on to one of those candle-warmers. It doesn't get hot enough to burn the coffee and it can literally just sit on there all day. Trust me... all day... working at a bank is painstakingly boring.
"All day" doesn't sound very healthy. It takes less than that for bacteria to start growing in warm coffee.
"working at a bank is painstakingly boring. "

I worked in the civil service for over 30 years.That was where I learned to sleep with my eyes open,pen in hand,staring at a page of something. The snoring gave me away..


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