It should be clear how, with people like this, religious dogma trumps scientific knowledge: an embryo is not a person.  It is pure Catholovangelicalism to claim otherwise. Once again we see in living color an object lesson in truth of the wisdom of Justice Harry Blackmun in his penumbral Roe v. Wade decision granting women leave to abort up to the third trimester (beyond if the mother's health was threatened). If the Catholic Church is so big on protecting babies, why did they obstruct justice in places like Pennsylvania to protect pedophile priests from attacking small boys?

Want to know why so many Americans are afraid of Shariah?  They know it is just as Draconian and anti-democratic as Christian morality, and just as heavily practiced in the breach than observance.  If an atheist or free-thinking woman wants to have an abortion, who is Mr. Mason to say otherwise.  Schiller was right, against stupidity even the angels fight in vain.

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Shariah and Mosaic law should be mentioned in the same breath.  Let's be real here: there is no essential difference between them, and if the christers were to get their way, they'd be looking to push the "law" of the OT on all of us.

I think one of the thrusts of organized atheism (if there is such a thing) should be publicly to point out the similarities between what Yahweh laid on Moses and the quran and hadiths of islam.  Oh, I'm sure there will be an outcry and protest from both sides, but I wouldn't be surprised at that.

It usually happens when one hits a nerve.

They don't even think in those terms.  Fertilized eggs that fail to implant are invisible to them and discounted by them, but once one HAS implanted, then apparently it's as sacred as the scriptures these dips read from.  Problem is, those same scriptures have the armies of Yahweh cutting fetuses from women and dashing kids' heads against rocks, among other wonderful images.

Oh, but that was a different culture and time, wasn't it? [groan!]

"Oh, but that was a different culture and time, wasn't it?"  That is a two-edged sword.  When one points out the silly proscriptions of, e.g. Leviticus, one learns just how cafeterial these people are: gay is bad, but eating shellfish is good (if prohibited by the same set of laws).  The problem of most fundamentalists is that they cannot see how INapplicable most of O.T. law is to the human condition today.  You would run out of paper cataloguing the inventions, scientific advancements, &c. that have occurred since circa 5,000 BCE, when the O.T. was written.  Their presentist arguments just drive one batty.

"He" often does.

“We’re like a weed.”

Where did I put that Roundup?

I don't think you should put Roundup on weed.  Smoke it instead.

He's shake, I like the good stuff!




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