Currently I am a member of my local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church & State (AU). In their magazine, Church & State, they have mentioned an unconstitutional anti-Atheism law in Kentucky. When I read the text of the law, it does not appear to be what said it was. Does anyone here on Atheist Nexus live in Kentucky? My parents often say they live in Taylor Mill despite their house having a Covington mailing address & passing the "Welcome to Covington" sign just before turning onto their street from KY-16 (southbound from I-275). If I was to visit that state, I don't wanna be punished if I slip & mention in a public place that I'm an anti-theist. I've already been institutionalized just once in that state, and the Catholic psychiatric institution I was in used excessive force on me. I don't wanna be put back there just for letting out the truth that I'm an anti-theist.

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I cannot answer your question, Adam, but searching the Internet for the answer might work, and it might be that you could Google the entire statute if there is one.




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