Kentucky snake handling preacher, reality TV star dead from snake bite

If any of his followers are looking for sympathy they can find it in Websters Dictionary somewhere between the words shit and syphilis.

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i hope the snake is ok.

Me too. That guy looked like he might have high cholesterol. I hope the snake didnt swallow.
Matt, Lol

That's his problem.  Poisonous snake is not a toy so don't play with that. 

This is funny! 

Ding, Ding, Ding. Ladiiiiies and Gentlmeeeen! For you entertainment pleasure, we present round 2 of Predator vs. Theistic Idiot.

In this corner, at 6'1, weighing in at 200 lbs., wearing the Wal-Mart t-shirt of Jesus holding an AK-47, we present Codie Coots.  Cody Coots, son of Jamie Coots, of the famous 'Batshit as a Coot' line of preachers, will once again lead his congregation in prayer and worship using the exact same snake that killed his father. And, just like his forefather before him, will refuse treatment if the serpent sinks its fangs into his all too mortal flesh.

In the opposite corner, measuring 5'6", weighing in at a mere 15 lbs., and wearing a stylish diamond back skin, we have "Sammy 'Snake Lips' Preacher Killer." Sammy is fresh from his successful tour of the backwoods of Appalachia where he's eliminated more ministers than a gay hooker's Face Book page. 

Can Sammy take out the 'Coots' yet once again? We'll soon find out ladies and gentlemen. Get you peanuts, popcorn, and red hots. Cold beer here. Now, let get ready to rummmmmble!


Oh gawd! Is there no end of idiots? Effects have a cause! What is so hard about that. 

Pat, love your approach to this simpleton! 


Excellent Pat.


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