Kentucky snake handling preacher, reality TV star dead from snake bite

If any of his followers are looking for sympathy they can find it in Websters Dictionary somewhere between the words shit and syphilis.

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Another one, eh?  How many more times does this have to happen before people catch a clue?  Sadly, I'm afraid the answer is: "More than a couple."

You can count on it Loren. Maybe Jesus got sidetracked watching the Olympics but that would bring his omniscience into question but don't worry I'm sure his family and friends have already contacted Thinkers Anonymous.

Can't trust them damn snakes to do anything right.

I can think of a poet who might disagree with that assessment:

I had an Aunt in Yucatan
Who bought a Python from a man
And kept it for a pet.
She died because she never knew
Those simple little rules and few ; -
The snake is living yet.
-- Hilaire Belloc

Belloc's full poem is here.

But there is one less theist spreading lies.
Chalk one up for the snake!
You know he just didn't have enough faith!! LOL
. Is it really bad that I find this so funny?? If it is then I'm just a really bad person.

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump (also quoted in comments on the above article):

Stupid is as stupid does.

KH, I find it funny, too, in a guilty-pleasure sort of way! Of course, this was a human being with a family and loved ones etc., but it was a deceptive, manipulative person the world has lost.

I've often talked about the serpent in Genesis here; how he/she (never said to be Satan in the bible) actually told Eve the truth. So I'm rather partial to the serpent.

Maybe that should be the Atheist Nexus mascot- the serpent! Ridding the world of lies and liars.

The serpent did tell Eve the truth.  Makes me partial to the serpent also.  Thinking about the mascot idea. : )

Or perhaps he who lives by the snake, dies by the snake. Nah, yours is better.

Having read the article, I think I found 'ole Rev. Coots problem. To be protected from serpents, you have to be anointed by god. While he may have been greasy, I'm thinking he forgot to use the Holy Brylcreem. Either that, or Dapper Dan. In any event, I'm wondering if the Full Gospel Tabernacle was a bit too much. Maybe he should have gone with Gospel Lite, Low Fat Gospel, or Reduced Calorie Gospel. May not have clogged up the blood flow to the brain so bad.

If he "refused to be treated", he must have believed his own BS.

The article says it's illegal in most states, but I'd prefer it be legal so as to improve our gene pool by removing the wakaloons from it.


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