Kevin Sorbo on the Vitality of God (and Other Inanities)

We're seeing a resurgence of God movies now that Saints Christopher, Richard, and Sam have pulled back the curtain at Oz and shown the Wizard to be a flying spaghetti monster, the guy who so loved his Sun he made sure it would rise in the east every day and chase winter away. I don't know how I got onto it, but you can access on Facebook a page for a movie with Kevin Sorbo simply by clicking your saved url's, taking you to a longish trailer for "God is Not Dead." Now, think on it. If God is not dead, this does not lead to the conclusion He is alive. To say "God is not dead" is meaningless. Placed in the proper context, the slogan might be meaningfull, for syntax would indicate at most a belief in His existence, as in "God is not dead, He's just dozed off." The movie producers were hoping young people are as dumb as they give them credit for being, but I'm willing to bet post-Millenials will skip the movie, do some Vo[o]doo Spice, and watch a few Dawkins clips on YouTube..

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Sorbo's atheist in that misbegotten movie was so transparently a straw man it hurt to watch him even for the brief period of the trailer.  I'll say it again: these people are scared, yet all they have are the same worn-out arguments to try to reinforce their faith and salve their feelings.  There are damned few if any of us who would be moved by such ill-conceived noise as God's Not Dead, and eventually, despite their attempts to drown out irrefutable fact in their songs of praise for their deity, they'll have to recognize that as well.

And I'm still more than a little worried about just what happens at that point.

I agree with Loren. Another thing coming to my mind on this modern theist trend today is the money making potential of these movies, books supposedly written by young children who died and then came back, or any other jackass that wants to jump on the bandwagon. Theists eat it up because it supports them and they have no other place to go. Would you believe a young child died, then came back and wrote a book about his experiences? Would you believe it moreso if the book writer was a heart doctor? Oh, yes, we are talking about "god" here, but that god appears to be money!

Just giving new meaning to our printed money upon which is written "in god we trust."

Preaching to the choir actually pays pretty well these days.





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