Key Heat Trapping Gas Crosses 410 Parts Per Million Threshold — Highest Level in Past 5-20 Million Years

Key Heat Trapping Gas Crosses 410 Parts Per Million Threshold — Hig...

Well, here it comes, in fully open throttle! Trumpites be damned, Mother Nature takes care of climate change non-believers and takes out those who see it coming. 

Angry, anyone? I am! Too many people live their lives deaf, dumb, and blind (DDB) to the evidence of all kinds of things. Climate Change, widening wealth gap, putting faith in superstitions, believing political war mongers. You can add to this list and it all comes down to the same thing, denial, delusion, superstition; there seems to be no remedy for these diseases. 

So! What do I do now? 

* Focus my anger on those institutions that feed into the lies, churches, proselytizers; 

* Continue to confront those who make claims based on superstition, Salatin &Rhodes included; 

* Encourage those who recognize and understand the meaning of evidence;  

* Build my skills in communication, confrontation, research; 

* Refuse to volunteer my goods and services to those unwilling to think, learn, and take action;

* Seek ideas from others; 

* Continue to create a food forest and teach others how to do it. 

* Create protection on my raised vegetable beds;

* Plant the Three Sisters in last year's mullein bed; 

I'm off to the greenhouse; we had very heavy rain and hail yesterday. 

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"Angry, anyone? I am!"

Joan, my political mentors told me another option. Don't get angry, get even.

Your option, gardening, appears to work, too.




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