This time of year (Easter) many of the religious folks I know use this opportunity to further indoctrinate their children into the twisted stories of their faith. 

On its own this is bad enough, but add to the mix the Mel Gibson movie "Passion of the Christ" and we've reached a whole new level of low.


I have heard of church youth groups being shown this movie, or parts of this movie.  Kids as young as 10-12 range being shown this graphic depiction of torture and death...


So I'm curious what your take is on this.  Is it tantamount to child abuse?  Is it not a bother since kids are exposed to all kinds of violence on tv and videogames anyway?  Is it possible that this sort of thing might help them become atheists in the future (seeing the bloody, nasty "god" they worship put his own "son" through that, or in effect "scare the be-JESUS out of them")?



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It absolutely is child abuse. But then again, most of the Bible is filled with stories that, were they not in the Bible, would be found reprehensible.

I agree with Karen about the difference between religious violence and video game/tv violence. Having a parent or other authority figure telling you that the crucification of a man is a good thing would have a far greater effect on a child's psychological makeup, than seeing a man getting shot on the tv would.




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