First, let me get this off of my chest. To compare this slut to Rosa Parks warrants me calling her such a name. She broke the law! Plus, she stepped over the bounds of church and state  division. Now, let's look at Mrs. Woods record for following Biblical scripture.

"Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. And she divorce her husband marries another man, she commits adultery." Mark 10:2-12

"Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man that marries a divorced woman commits adultery." Luke: 16-18

"I hate divorce," says the LORD God of Israel, "and I hate a man's covering himself with violence as well as with his garment," says the LORD Almighty. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith." Malachi: 2:16
"I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife,  except for marital unfaithfulness and marries another woman commits adultery." Mathew 19: 8-9
For such a righteous person, apparently her own marital status is certainly in question under the biblical parable. Many Christians try to argue an escape clause in the Bible. THERE IS! Now back to this woman. A victory for Christianity? Since 75% of the country is CHRISTIAN, what is the issue. Is it that Christians are having their feet held to the fire on their on behavior. She works for the state! She is under oath to carry out the laws of the state. I she swore an oath she is in trouble under biblical principle. If she pretended to swear in, then she is dishonest..
Although the circumstances are different, Jesus made it clear regarding taxes when trying the Pharisees tried to trapped him regarding paying taxes, but Jesus had an answer as he said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is God's.

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I don't mind god having his share but he's such a greedy fucker.

She didn't just break the law, she violated her oath of office.  Like many fundamentalist christians, she thinks that god's law supersedes human law.  In the United States, that doesn't fly, or at minimum, it damned well shouldn't.

Here's the thing, though: if she once again refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay or Lesbian couples, not only is she in violation of her oath, she's in contempt of Judge Bunning's court ... and somehow, I don't think he will take that very well.

Loren: On target! I think Christians are feeling the pressure of people leaving their country club. Even George Barna reports that more than 90 million people claim no religion. Back to Rosa Parks, this is what some are trying to hail this event. She is no Rosa Parks. She is not even a rose bush.

Now you've got the bull population pissed!

Larry Wilmore calls her by her real name:

Larry Wilmore: Kim Davis Ins't Brave -- She's Bullsh*t

" I KNEW my old man was full of shit. And what's with this fucking pigeon thing?"

So right, Daniel. Huckabee and his ilk could save themselves so much bother if they'd just re-watch Inherit the Wind with the soundtrack set to Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick.

It seems to be a lovely feature  of public discourse nowadays that lies don't matter any more as long as you have a catchy story. Whoever wins don't need no stinkin truth.

This sounded like a Trumphism. But Hickabee fits the bill just as well.
And,yes,... that's deliberately misspelled.
As for Wallace he was my father's hero. I remember him watching the old clips that portions of are currently being re-played and wonder how l turned out to be the total opposite! May be a generational thing or early life exposer to different races. I'll never know!

Puh-leeze, Kathy. You should be more careful. It's Dickabee. (Or was that Prickabee?) Oh, well.

That's giving him entirely too much credit. I'm sure his children arrived on this planet via immaculate conception and virgin birth. (That's sort of like jumbo shrimp.)

You two crack me up. Had to be immaculate conception. The previous size of his belly wouldn't have allowed for the usual way. Then again maybe his masculine attributes is the reason his brain is oxygen deprived




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