we can only imagine what other words would be eliminated.. if you cant say hell-o, what might the illuminati of kleberg tx come up with next? i wonder what they would do with shitake mushrooms?


scary thing is... this is a town edict.

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They say "heaven-zero"? 'Cause that's totally what the title says.

How the hell do they pronounce that? I'd totally say it like "heh-VEN-o" otherwise it's just sound silly.
Whatever happened to "Hi" (or the less formal "Hey")?
I like how the Finns handle greetings (my wife is Finnish). Hello is "hei" and goodbye is "hei hei".
Is the rest of the Finnish language as sensible?
Well, I'm still learning. My 3-year-old daughter is now way ahead of me and I'm quickly losing ground. However, what I've learned of it does seem logical. My wife says the hard part is initially learning the roots. After that, you just get to combine them in all sorts of patterned ways, which seems pretty logical to me. And spelling is totally phonetic (unlike our horrible, outdated English spelling system).
Let's hear it for fonetik spelling!
Whatever happened to "Hi"

It was banned because of its blatant nazi overtones.
Sanrio's "Hi Hitler" product line didn't do nearly as well as Hello Kitty.
And there I was thinking it was the anti-marijuana cabal that was responsible, for heathen's sake.
That was truly educational.
Man I'm glad I don't live there. I reacted poorly enough to being served "Freedom Fries".
Without bothering to look, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this is one of those towns absolutely no one wants to live in.




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