What do you do when the Jehova's Witnesses come knocking on the door?

In the past 2-weeks, I have had them and the Mormons come a-knockin' on my door!

Do you a) tell them your an atheist...
or, do you b) humour them like I do...(which is sooo much fun! especially when I know stuff they don't)

...and then tell them you're an atheist?

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They are brainwashed. I usually don't answer the door, but for some reason I did and now they keep coming back...wish I had a doorcam! Thanx Hal.
Maybe I will hang a Darwin fish to my front door, and answer the door with some sort of atheistic shirt. Then I'll invite them in for coffee and we could go over "The God Delusion".

It's pretty sad that you cannot ride around with the cute little Darwin fish on your car, but Xtns can ride around with "God is my co-pilot" on theirs. And they think they are persecuted.
I answer the door, invite them in to chat and offer them coffee (both groups have turned down the coffee).

How things go from there depends entirely on them!

I have had some great conversations.
They've not made it in quite yet...only stood on the porch in the freezing cold. I shall have to invite them in for some coffee and good conversation. Do Jehova's Witnesses drink coffee!!? At least they come in the day, the mormons wait till about 8 at night when I am finally resting (and watching Family Guy). Thanx BB!
Jehovah's Witnesses will drink coffee, generally. Even some Mormons will (But many won't)

The JW's are the one group that still come by the house. After a couple of discussions on successive Saturdays with two young LDS men, they brought one of their elders to discuss some of the questions I was asking. After that, they have since stopped coming to our house. I guess asking the "wrong" questions is a bad thing. Wouldn't want to invite critical thinking!
Wow, I didn't think JW would drink such a thing!

So, the mormons brought the elder! What sort of questions would you ask? I'm sure I would give them a run for their money--some good ole fashioned critical thinking!
Just tell them you've been 'shunned' and out of fear for their immortal souls you refuse to ever again allow them to acknowledge your existence. Add that you will phone the police if they return and have them removed for their own good, then slam the door. Works every time.
That's funny! I'll give that a whirl with the LDS next time they pull me away from Family Guy.
Not at all off topic! I am laughing my ass off! Too funny! They can dish it out, but they cannot take it! "This is inappropriate, take us off your list!"...it's okay for churches to go around bugging us with "god loves you" (but I think your stupid) and died for your sins, and the bible is the word of god...but an atheist comes knocking on the door and it is inappropriate! How funny! And they are the persecuted ones...

Believe what you will....but keep it off my porch, lest I smote thee!
LOL...I love the old guy who tries to beat them with a rake. Thanks for the laugh.
I've just got a gutful of the lot - no point speaking with them, they have abandoned reason entirely. No point politely declining - they'll only come back. So depending on where I'm living, I tell them if they ever come back, I'll either set dogs on them or hose them off my property.
Yea, I get the feeling the two ladies will keep coming until I offend; the mormon got the clue!




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