What do you do when the Jehova's Witnesses come knocking on the door?

In the past 2-weeks, I have had them and the Mormons come a-knockin' on my door!

Do you a) tell them your an atheist...
or, do you b) humour them like I do...(which is sooo much fun! especially when I know stuff they don't)

...and then tell them you're an atheist?

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No mercy - they're giving you none.
My ex-husband was working in the yard one day when he was approached by two people who had just parked their bikes in the corner of our yard (the corner was far enough away that he could tell they planned to leave them there while they walked around the neighborhood).

They asked him, "Jesus is coming, are you ready?"
He replied, "No, but thanks for telling me -- I'll get out the good silverware."
Then he added, "You didn't ask for permission to park in my yard, please move your bikes."

My ex is an hilarious Jewish man!

A friend of his, as a teenager, once answered the door for some JW's. He told them he was busy at the moment, but was anxious to speak with them and asked if they could come back that evening.
That evening, they arrived again, as planned, and he answered the door in a black, silk smoking jacket -- open in the front -- and with a martini in his hand. He invited them in.
They promptly explained that they couldn't stay because they had another appointment. They gave him some literature and left.
Thanx Jude! Those are funny stories! Maybe I'll answer the door with an opened robe and a pipe!
Ha! I don't want them to come back...maybe an axe and hrmmm...Honestly, I think they are done with me! :)
Oh now those were funny!!!!
Yes, some pamphlets would be awesome!
The word 'tracts' made me shudder a little, but it would be cool to see the ones you made. Could you post some?
yes, please do! meaning atheist tracts...how funny! I love it.
Excellent (she says in the voice of Mr. Burns)...I shall have those ready when the JW come with their Watchtower!
This thread just gave me a thought. I'm sure everyone at one time or another has seen the little pamphlets that Christians leave in restaurants and places of business. What if we were to take a look at those and make our own version? The front would be similar to the religious booklets with a Title and a picture, Inside would be some text debunking Christian or Muslim beliefs, showing why they are illogical and harmful, and on the back it would have the web address of this site and other Atheist sites where people could get more info. I'm thinking the booklets should be Polite and courteous since we don't want to offend people, but instead make them courteous so people become curious about coming here for more info. However if you did want to make some that are more blunt to pass out at home to the doorknockers that's fine.
Take a sheet of printer paper and cut it in half then fold each piece in half. It gives you a little four page booklet. You can get two booklets per page. We could work together on creating such a booklet and doing it in OpenOffice. OpenOffice is just as powerful as MS Office and can output PDF files and everyone can use it since it is free and you can do professional looking work with it.
When you leave the house take a few with you and leave them behind on the table at a restaurant or amongst the other business cards that many places have near the door. Perhaps tacking a few up on the bulletin boards at stores and other places of Business? I'm sure the people in here are smart enough to unobtrusively leave a few behind.
Some of the subjects we could do are; "If God exists and is omnipotent, then why does evil exist?" "Free will and an omniscient god" "The Real Power of Prayer." (Ineffectual)
I'm know everyone here has their pet peeves about religion and has written a few paragraph's elsewhere on this site and they could just use that for their booklet or ask someone here to help them polish it to make it more appealing. The idea's for subjects are all over the forums. Perhaps some of us could write a few paragraphs about a topic that appeals to us and others could work on a layout so we could just copy and paste the page or print the file on our printers getting two copies per sheet of paper.
Let me know if you think you would be willing to work on such a thing or leave them where people would notice them.
Interesting insights...Had to mute the awful music.
Ask the Witnesses if they think the world would be a better place if everyone but them were destroyed. If they say "no", call them out for lying. That's exactly what their vision of paradise is- an earth "cleansed" of fornicators, homosexuals, smokers, atheists, Baptists, Jews, Catholics, etc., etc. Remind them of the importance of planning for the future, since the Armageddon they're longing for has been "just around the corner" for the last 140 years.



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