Message of love: Mitt Romney is pictured in France circa 1968 with a message for his future wife. He made a series of photos for Ann with the help of his friends while serving as a Mormon missionary

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how did he get this shot?

Judging from the shadow, the shot was taken from a pier or some similar structure near the site.  The man posing in the picture could have set a time delay, then posed, or triggered a time-delay shot from where he was with a remote, or the most obvious possibility - someone else shot it.

i saw the shadow too, but the picture looks like it is directly over him, no?  i may be way off on this.  

Not directly, not by my judgment (though I'm no expert).  The angle is fairly steep, perhaps better than 60 degrees from horizontal (sorry, goofed!), but it's hardly directly over the subject.

thanks for clarifying.  

the photo still pisses me off.

Agreed ... what's to like about Ann Romney ... OR her husband???

no offense Loren, but it's so nice to talk to an older white dude who doesn't like mitt romney.




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