Know PHP? Help me with my new website for atheists! (paid)

Hey all, I'm new to the site. Hope this is the appropriate place to post this.

I've built a new website to help atheists get involved in the cause, whether that means finding events to attend, causes to volunteer for, places to donate, or even just coming out to your friends and family as an atheist. 

But I need help making regular updates to it! Anyone available to help out? I am willing to pay for your time as well so that it's not just another pro bono project.

Please get in touch and let me know!

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google plus.. many communities .. ubuntu one of them
here's the latest...

i use the php info was not that hard to get into and make happen on their host.. like 2, 3 bucks and change monthly host. peace.

Thanks for the reply Jim!

One thing I forgot to clarify is that I'm looking for an Atheist PHP programmer. I'm hoping I can come into the atheist community and find a developer, rather than going to the developer community and find an atheist. 

We'll see how it turns out! I may end up having to go to the developer communities in the end.

get w/american atheists inc. perhaps


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