He's been hospitalised in San Diego after running through traffic naked, screaming and masturbating. Jason is founder of Invisible Children, which is funded by anti-gay creationists.

TMZ have a brief video of his meltdown.

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I thought this was a joke, but it's on several news sites, reuters and the guardian and Christian Post.   Maybe it's just to make Kony even more famous.  In fact, it went up on several more sites while I was typing this.  I think this might go viral. 

Well, it definitely wasn't invisible.

It's really not fair.  If I ran out into the street naked, disrupted traffic, and masturbated on cars, I would just be arrested and lose my livelihood.  Russell does it, and he becomes even more famous.

If you masturbated on cars though, you could claim first-amendment rights as a Larrian, well …you'd have to wait a few millennia though.

Yeah, …no charges laid, …actually, nobody got laid.

What is it with these bible-thumbers that they so often get caught twisting one off in public?

Is that Larry's sacrament?

I think transmutation is a bit of a stretch, …but, if it works?

I think a carwash baptism is in order.

See, that's one thing, …but what the homophobic Christian dude was doing, from what can be seen from the video, …was baptizing the curb. 

Santorum has problems with gay sexuality, expressing that it would lead to man-on-dog sex.  I wonder what he feels about man-on-car or man-on-curb?

It's ironic that a man who is trying to make someone who did horrible things to people famous, becomes famous for doing something that some people would consider horrible.

I just hope that he didn't leave too many invisible children on those cars....




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