Why is it that whenever somebody is trying to get off drugs, they are told they have to "accept Christ" to quit?

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I hate it when stuff like this happens, because these people who "recover" put non belief under the same blanket as being out of control or lost. Just play the bass, and leave religion and philosophy to the experts. Also, i cringe when bands start getting political. In some cases, it changes my view of them forever. Don't get me started on xtian rock bands. To me, rock n roll is rebellion, and xtianity is conformity. If you're in a christian rock band, why would you dress sexy? to impress christ. There are too many hypocrit musicians who claim to be xtian, and don't live by the word. To me, it's a no win. If you are strict in your belief, well, what a boring "rock?" band. I guess they think jesus uses his long hair to bang his head on the stage in heaven.
OH NO! Not them too :( Very disappointing. First Metalica and now this. Better not change the music. I love Korn!
Did he find christ because he got off drugs or because he was on drugs in the first place? One wonders...
I think human beings can't accept reality and are a bit self delusional at times, so they have to use a certain type of crutch or excuse to take responsibility. I mean when you realize, you are the dumb person doing dumb things and your hurting people and its your fault, that's a hard pill to swallow. Its an easier escapability saying that you did stupid stuff because you didn't accept Jesus.
He's just transferred his addiction from drugs to Jebus. It's a common occurrence and I observed it frequently when I worked with dually-diagnosed individuals. I detest the way AA is so hyped and even mandated by some courts, particularly since it's been shown to be less effective than secular alternatives.
It pisses me off that AA is often included as a mandatory program for people getting parole or suspended sentences for minor crimes. Separation of church and state ? Phtooey - a lot of AA groups are little more than jebus camps.
my brother went through that treatment and many others. It's kind of demented. You are admitted to this facility, and they get you at your weakest moment, and force you to accept this stuff. Sick, but that's not how they see it.
Sick is being flattering. Its a morbid obsession with exhibition/voyeurism. Pressuring you into standing in front of a room full of strangers and displaying all of your dirty laundry, then in turn, sitting as part of the crowd and leering at someone elses. It is absolutely repugnant.
So thats why thier new stuf sucks so bad.
yup LOL
Isn't that the usual next step in the life-cycle of an aging rockstar?
When promoting sex and drugs don't bring in any new customers and also begin to manifest in serious health issues they switch over to promoting religion and a healthy life style.
In order for another drug dealer/preacher to make money..




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