So...who is as happy as I am that this no talent hack/former alcoholic/former drug addict has finally rid this earth of himself?

Seriously though, he was given more then his fair share of breaks in Hollywood, had worldwide fame, and hangs himself in a

Before I get the required hate messages...just remember it takes more effort to live.

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K Dont think it was suicide. Rope around neck and penis, naked in the closet, but hey why not wait for ooo I dont know facts fromoooo i dunno autopsy, police investigation.
And your opinion is noted and Im sorry Matt in this case for me disregarded. Suicide is a selfish act but their are people including celebrities who get deep enough in to depression they cant get out by them selves and this sometimes ends in suicide. I do mourn those people, and I mourn the loss of Carradine. He was no Lawrence Olivier but I appreciated his work in the independent low budget film world which finally paid off with KILL BILL. Sorry you dont.
I read earlier this evening that it was auto-erotic asphyxiation. What an embarrassing way to die!
Well not real......ok yeah its an embarrassing way to die . Absolutely and in Thiland where I can tell you its not hard to find....companionship.
That was the first thing that I suspected when I heard he was naked. It's happens fairly frequently I would guess as I've heard of a few cases locally. I would assume someone was with him as his hands were tied behind his back. Probably an accidental death.
Wow... kinda harsh. I'm guessing that your life has been exemplary and in startling contrast to Carridine who you obviously had intimate knowledge of. Tell me, when you were hanging out with him, what's the meanest thing he ever said about you? Please... humor me... Odd that though we both know the answer to that question, we also know what the meanest thing you ever said about him is and that only serves to reflect what's true about you.

What's true about Carradine? None of us here are in a position to really know. All I know is that death is sad. Oh... and the "it takes more effort to live" bravado; when you die... what with all the effort you're forging ahead with.... who'll even know besides those closest to you? I mean... it won't exactly be front page news. Some effort.
Some seriously small and petty people here. Creepy! I would rather discuss the suffering that the horrid Kung Fu series added to the world. The sequel was beyond the pale, but the original was pretty insufferable as well. It exploited a number of different audiences back in 1973, all of which were pretty obnoxious. I had to endure both the blue collar aficionados of violent entertainment and the counterculture / New Age airheads who grooved on the ridiculous philosophy. 1973 was a terrible year. I couldn't have got through it were it not for the Watergate hearings to cheer me up.
Thanks for sharing Dumain. That's awful that someone like you of your stature would have to deal with blue collar's!! O MY the horror...the horror........
If you were in my shoes working a minimum wage blue collar job in 1973 with the worst ne'er-do-wells you can imagine, you'd know the horror for sure. There was a sleazy bar next to my workplace where we would go for a dinner break, where no one there appreciated the New Age pabulum being dealt out in between the slow-motion ass-kickings that everyone waited to watch. Then, after knocking off a horrible 8-hour day, I'd have to listen to some ditzy religious people savoring the deep wisdom doled out by Grasshopper and his bald mentor (Key Luke, who was No. 1 Son in the 1930s or '40s.) But feel free to continue acting like an asshole.
Go back and read your original post. Sometimes its hard to see the reflection in the mirror for the glare....grasshopper.
I didn't know Stirling Silliphant was involved in this travesty of a show. What a shame, as he's one of my heroes, chiefly for Route 66, the greatest American TV drama of all time. But also to the point: the philosophy of Kung Fu, and more so, the application of the philosophy, was ridiculous, and played to the more airheaded segment of the counterculture just as the martial arts ass-kicking appealed to other segments of the population. Perhaps if you weren't there in 1973, you wouldn't realize how irritating all this could be.
Death Scream, Shaft in Africa, Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, The Enforcer, The Killer Elite, Swarm, Telefon, The New Centurions, Hardcase, Over the Top,Tv mini-series Pearl.....More blue collar entertainment then you can shake a stick at.
As for irritating I agree. I was only like five, but I do remember my favorite film at that time, it changed me, " Hells Angels on Wheels" with Jack Nicholson and the late Adam Rourke. And when I look at how much time and money is wasted on reality TV today, I think I can get on board with your frustration.
Good to go, it was not a waste of celluloid. Thanx Alex. Want you to know I will not rest until South Park has a guest appearance by your Avatar, named Alex Donovan.




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