Did a 10 year old write this? I say we bomb her email with logical responses, haha.


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Personally, I don't have time to spend reacting to such a low-brow diatribe. The author is just a drama queen for Christ and her opinion will not influence anyone who isn't already an idiot and too far gone to be enlightened. I think email-bombing her inbox would be a total waste, however, she will not care. But, if the LA Times would publish your intelligent rebuttal to the author's drivel, that would be cool, depending on what you wrote, of course. :)
yeah ned, actually a few people have written to the paper, which is a way better idea, they pretty much take her down point by point and also note that if we had inserted any other group that has faced oppression (blacks, homosexuals, etc etc) that it'd never made it to print. i thought it was very well written.
Nice. Thanks for sharing that. Fucking LA Times, lol.
The writer should be apprised of the case of Herb Silverman. Took him 7 years here in SC to become a notary due to the fact that he refused to sign the 'so help me god' clause in the application; actually crossed it out. The state said they denied him the position because he didn't file properly but it's strange that out of several HUNDRED applications, his was the only one denied.

He won in court 3 times and the state kept appealing, keeping him from the notary position. They finally had to give in but it took 7 years and I would hate to see the lawyers fees on either side. All for a position that costs $25 and a single sheet application.

In a state whose constitution says that there shall be NO RELIGIOUS TEST for any public office.

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That way of thinking is excatly why we are looked down apon cause they are "sick" of us...im sick of them and their tired come backs to our...looking at the fine points(i think is what she said). When everyday they look at the fine points of evolution
yeah, how convenient was that, hah.
This writer has no sense of how nontheists feel or think.I'd tell them if you don't like atheistic books don't read them.Some people get very upset if anyone even suggests that their religious views are wrong or severely limited and get very scared when asked to think outside the religion "box".My sister is like that'Actually my sister is convinced that Amway wants her to worship god to give her money(even though that's the opposite of the original Christanity).Religion is often(always?)manipulated by the few to get something(money,power)from the many.My sister screamed at me when I said I didn't believe!(and I'm 62 and she's 59!)




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