One of the most dangerous and destructive things is prayer even if God exists. According to believers God already know what is going to happen yet the Bible piece of shit that it is, contradicts itself on that question. Fictional Jesus says that if you ask his father in his name WHATEVER you ask for will be granted while other verses say that God has already decided our fate. This means that before the victims of all these massacres were born God already knew it, after all, God is the one with who is all knowing and all powerful. When the movie reel runs we don't know what is coming but the mad director does. 

You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. John 14:13

What a bunch is BS prayer is.  OK Jesus, here is a preemptive prayer. In Jesus' name, no more mass shootings, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, or cancer. When there prayer isn't answered one of four things must be true. 1. Jesus lied. 2. Jesus never existed and the Bible is fiction. 3. God is cruel and evil. God doesn't exist. Take your pick. 

Even if I were a believer, I would not pray for the victims especially if this horror was God's will. As an agnostic and a hater of the idea of a loving god I would not waste my breath praying to a sadist or a myth.

I think what happened in the massacre is what happens in most mass shootings. The culprit was most like psychiatric medications. These shooters are in a drug induced dissociative state. The media will not even ask the question let alone state the facts but they will tell us to pray. Literally, prayer is the least you can do. I will be spending my time writing to members of congress and telling them to do the right thing and not letting people with mental illness be around guns. Anyone on a psych med should not be around guns. I will trash the NRA and the whores in congress that they own for not passing sane gun legislation. I will continue to mock Bible banging Gunfederates. 

I wrote and recorded this song and video which I titled JC's Lament to make Christians question their belief in a god that is clearly a liar and sadist  exists. 

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I asked much the same question after Hurricane Harvey did its number on southeast Texas.  Not too surprisingly, I came to the same conclusions, more or less.

Where was god during this mass shooting? My guess is that god was in the same place he is as he let's children die daily by the thousands of cancer. You never know. One of those many children just might grow up to be another Hitler. (Stupid Pat Robertson answer) It doesn't matter that god did nothing about Hitler in the first place.

Then I think of the bible saying the hairs of our heads are numbered and god knows every one of them. We should also not worry about anything because god will take care of us just like he does the sparrows. Anybody ever see large numbers of those birds dead on the ground when you don't know what killed them? Maybe it was god.

Yes, you can pray, wail, and cry and get god to change things but he never does. Maybe he just wants to see if you meant well. Since things are predetermined anyway, it really doesn't matter.

Then you have groups like the fundy one I was in one Sunday when people prayed and cried over the message "you are nobody until god calls your name." In tears many of these fools just knew god had spoken their names. It was so emotional. Still, I had to wonder just how many of us share a common name and how the individual would know which person god was speaking to. Was it one Mary or all Marys?

Maybe god was concerned with groups like this at the time of the Las Vegas mass shooting. Maybe something malfunctioned and god could not be in more than one place at a time. It's sort of like that church sign I drive by daily that says "my god can do anything." Every time I pass that sign I keep wondering just why god does nothing. In retrospect I've never seen a time that god did anything. All I see is magic stories out of the book. No sign of god.

Michael, I share your response. You said it all! "No sign of god."

Thank you. Here's one I got off the Internet. It's a person holding a sign and the sign reads "there was no sign of god so I made this one." That speaks volumes.

Good one!

.......And continues to ''bless'' the poorest of the poor with babies, more & more babies.

Patricia, this "blessing"/curse plagues the poor, even as well trained people attempt to educate them on family planning, how to grow food in small gardens, how to raise small animals for milk and eggs, even in hot or cold, and wet or dry places. How to organize the community in face of harm imposed upon them. 

Something there is in those who are poor; perhaps it is lack of intelligence, or lack of ambition, or lack of education, or lack of vision. 

Sometimes there exist forces beyond an individual's or nation's ability to respond. 

What can I do and my nation do in response to the blessings-curses? Storms will come again, earthquakes will kill and injure people and wreck and destroy buildings. Social structures will fail to meet the need of society. The human family faces challenges as never before. 

I remember Dr. Dave Erb, a professor at Whitworth College, saying, "A parent is a dock. Children develop and move away from the dock as the grow.They encounter something strange, new, or threatening and come back to the dock for protection and information. Then they go farther into the uncertain until another challenge confronts them and they return, sometimes frantically, to the dock for safety and information. They venture out again when their courage and inquiry grows; they encounter yet another challenge and another unknown. This time when they come back, out of fear, they go over the top of the dock and smash to smithereens. The task of the parents is to stay calm, steady, confident, and competent. The child, hopefully, will grow through these adventures away from safety and be knowledgeable enough to face whatever confronts him or her. 

I think we can use the same metaphor in regards to the internet, the government in general, and tRump in particular.  Hopefully, we will grow through these adventures away from safety and be knowledgeable enough to face whatever confronts us. As somebody said, "You can't fix stupid!" 

Good analogy, Joan.

I have an online friend in Kenya who has said that nobody was starving before colonization & xianity arrived.




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