Last night God spoke to me in a dream. He said, “Join Islam and I can promise you eternal life”

Now if you excuse the fact that this happened in my dream just after having random sex with a random girl, in a church after a Green Day concert. Also God was next to a Scamp (a creature in a Game I have been into recently Oblivion) and Muhammad was playing soccer next to him as well while Muhammad’s wife made pastries, this dream would have been very significant.

While this dream seems laughable, I can’t help but wonder if all the “personal experiences” and “visions” people have and tell the world about are taken out of context. Maybe God appears to everyone’s dreams with a scamp at his side, or a religious leader playing soccer, but they choose to leave that part out. For that reason the next time anyone says “I know my religion is true because God revealed it to me” you be sure to tell them, “I know a guy who claims God reveled Islam to be true, I think I’ll take his word” and see where they go from there.

Now, needless to say in the dream I told Muhammad to fuck off and threw a pastry in his wife’s face, for those who where wondering.

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Obviously, it is God telling me to worship Amy Tan, Cyndi Lauper and reruns of "Gilmore Girls."

Amen to that!
I had a dream about Nikola Tesla once... he was showing me how to assemble a force field generator using nothing more than a watch battery, a rubber band, a magnet, and some copper tubing.

Was the dream entertaining? Heck yes!

Does the force field generator have anything to do with reality? Absolutely not!

Just because it came to someone in a vision, doesn't mean it remotely resembled sanity.
But did you ever try out the force-feild generator!?
I would have immediately attempted to build said force-field generator



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