Trump to Bush: Your brother was stupid. And a liar!
Bush to Trump: You're mean to my family! Stop it!
Trump to Cruz: You're a liar!
Cruz to Trump: Am not!
Trump to Cruz: Are too!
Trump to Cruz: You lie even more than Bush does!
Carson: zzzz.
Rubio to Cruz: You don't speak Spanish!
Cruz to Rubio: Do too!
Kasich to all: Grow up!

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While I didn't see the last Republican debate (had something better to do: listen to Mitsuko Uchida & TCO play Mozart!), the one thing I did observe in the highlights was that there was, indeed, an adult in the room, in the person of moderator John Dickerson.  I mean, when he has to say, "I'm going to turn this car around," you know you got children in the back seat, squabbling.

Adults don't do that, right?  Right?!?

Daniel, I am so glad you are relaxed! 

Well, let me see if I can do this 


OK Fellas, teach me how to get a gif over here in moving form, not address, please. 

When the reply box opens thee are choices above.  the second icon is called "image" ,it looks like a film strip.  Click that and then you should be able add an image.

A great explanation from Loren here: How To - Insert a Picture or Other Graphic

Here's part of Charles Pierce's take on the debate:

The Republican Debate Finally Proved It's Not Trump Who Has Lost His Mind
It's the rest of them

[The entire editorial is here.]

Well, there it was, on a stage in South Carolina, the prion disease that has been afflicting the Republican party since Ronald Reagan first fed it the monkeybrains almost 40 years ago broke out into the general population. During the ninth debate of the Republican candidates for president, we saw actual facts booed (by my count) three times before the first commercial break. We saw two sons of Cuban emigres duke it out over who can make the lives of Hispanic immigrants more miserable. We saw a vulgar talking yam dare to tell the truth about C-Plus Augustus while standing next to his brother, and we later saw the vulgar talking yam call Ted Cruz the biggest liar he's ever seen. And still, after it was over, serious people got on the electric teevee machine to talk about who had the best night, and who won and who lost, and not one of them mentioned the obvious fact that one of our two major political parties suffered a complete mental meltdown on national television. The big winner was either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Rodham Clinton. The big loser was participatory democracy all the way back through history to Pericles. 

The combined level of maturity among the GOP candidates doesn't reach the sophistication of an argument over a marble contest on a primary school playground. The scary thing is that there is the possibility that one of these petulant, immature, clowns could be the President, with access to the nuclear codes. And, with a gerrymandered Congress, will privatize virtually everything in the US, for the benefit of the oligarchy and detriment to the citizenry. 

Kasich is at least trying to be an adult.  The problem is that he, like the rest of the GOP field, is a misogynistic adult, which instantly disqualifies him from any consideration he might get from me.

But here's another thing: apparently not one of the candidates got the chide from Dickerson which I mentioned above about "turning the car around."  They are so far gone and so into their own outrageous behavior that they can no longer recognize it.  No self-respecting voter, regardless of party, should tolerate the behavior to this point as it is, but when they persist despite being confronted blatantly by it, their blanket disqualification from any kind of mature standard should be automatic.

Or do we have that many registered child voters in this country?

Well said.  Where's the "Like" button when you need it?

I have been watching all of the Republican debates.  I know it's a waste of time, but there's something fascinating about them.  As the old adage says:  "seeing is believing."  I'm utterly amazed and shocked at what comes out of their mouth holes when they speak. 

There's just too much insanity to comment on regarding last night's debate, but one just made me laugh.  In a question posed to Ben Carson about his qualifications to take up matters regarding the Middle East, he replied that he has a great knowledge of Middle Eastern history.

I couldn't help but think about how Carson has stated he believes Joseph built the pyramids to store grain.

On watching the debate (True, I confess I had it on.), I felt like Sheldon Cooper on a Big Bang Theory episode where he attempts to escape all the arguing going on around him by childish-like hiding in a corner covering his ears. "Stop it, stop it", I wanted to scream out. Talk about being childish.

I have to admit that I have yelled at the television on several occasions while watching the Republican debates.  That is really out of character for me. 




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