Okay, so we have a new visual layout to Atheist Nexus.  Groovy.  Took me a while to sort out where everything is, and wonder where at least one thing has gone to, to wit:

Where Is The A|N Latest Activity?!?

That one feature on my profile page was my primary driving force for contributing to this site.  New comments, new forum or group or blog posts showed up there where I could see them and react or not react as suited me.  It told me what was going on with members and generally let me know that A|N was alive and well and interacting.  Now I'm not even sure this post will be read, because if everyone else's home page is the same as mine, How Will They Know I Even WROTE This???

As the Germans would say, "Etwas ist hier los" - something is wrong here - and I hope it gets corrected SOONEST.

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One thing I've discovered: that "Latest A|N Activity" can now be found on the A|N home page.  My guess is that the activity list will eventually be restored to our profile pages, but until such time, if you want to know what's going on, you can look THERE.

The problem is, I don't think this post (and maybe this comment!) are showing up there!  Ah, well...

Yeah, Loren. I'm in the same boat as you. I come here for chat and to read current topics. The best way to get at a hot topic was the side-bar showing latest activity. It's a bit of a pain that I have to go to the homepage every time, now, but at least it's not done away with completely...

I think it is up now.

Look at the bottom of the main page.

The latest activity is still available on the front page. It took up way too much space on the right side. Hopefully, we can all get used to going there. Or, just use the RSS feed. 

What does everyone think?

I think it looks good at the top of the main page. It is easy to find.

Oh wait - it has been moved to the top of the main page.

And now I see that Latest Activity has been restored to my profile page (and, I presume, everyone else's).  Thanks for the effort, Richard.

The site is really looking nice! Thank you Richard. Wonderful job.

I believe we have almost everything complete. Does anyone notice any other problems?

About the only thing I don't see on my home page that was there originally is the MP3 player and playlist.  Not cosmic, by any stretch, but I thought I'd mention it.

What Loren said and I don't see a place to add videos on your page like before.

I will keep looking around the site and see if I think of anything else.

having problem about "Profile Information", where is that ?




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