Okay, so we have a new visual layout to Atheist Nexus.  Groovy.  Took me a while to sort out where everything is, and wonder where at least one thing has gone to, to wit:

Where Is The A|N Latest Activity?!?

That one feature on my profile page was my primary driving force for contributing to this site.  New comments, new forum or group or blog posts showed up there where I could see them and react or not react as suited me.  It told me what was going on with members and generally let me know that A|N was alive and well and interacting.  Now I'm not even sure this post will be read, because if everyone else's home page is the same as mine, How Will They Know I Even WROTE This???

As the Germans would say, "Etwas ist hier los" - something is wrong here - and I hope it gets corrected SOONEST.

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Yes, I was also thinking that too. I would like to see more than just 3 topics.

It's a nice crisp format.  Very sharp!  Shows up well on my computer and on my ipad mini.   Thank you Richard for making the changes work so well!

I can't upload photos, where is the photo uploading option ?

On the top bar, go to "my pages" then "my photos".  There is an "add" button.  Click it.  Follow the instructions.  I just now did it to test.  It works.

For that matter, when the upgrade was originally applied, I had my photo slide show on my profile as with the old layout.  Now I don't.  SOMETHING got tripped over!

After a bit of thought, I've come up with a list of the basic items which used to be found on a member's profile page and whether they are currently present in the new profile, at least as it is displayed on mine:

  • Member's name & photo (left column)
  • Member's friends (left column)
  • Member's selected profile information (currently missing)
  • Member's groups (left column)
  • Member's discussions (left column)
  • Member's MP3 player & playlist (currently missing)
  • Member's latest activity (center column)
  • Member's blog entries (center column)
  • Member's photo slide show (currently missing)
  • Member's video collection (currently missing)
  • Member's comment wall (center column)
  • A|N Latest Activity (right column)

I can live without the MP3 player, personally, but I really have grown used to seeing my pix display in the center column and would like to see that come back.  The selected display of a member's videos was nice to have around as well, as was the selected personal information.

My $0.02 worth.

I agree Loren - that list looks very good.

I hope those items get fixed soon.

Ok I found some new issues.

The new discussions for the groups don't hit the main page.

Also your new discussion is not showing up on your webpage like before.

This is making harder to keep track of all the new activity in the groups and keeping track of the discussions you started.

Okay ... the MP3 player is back, videos are back and photos are back.  Only thing which seems to be missing is member profile information at this point, though the issues that Steph pointed out earlier may or may not have been addressed.

Wow, the forum is up prominently, with multiple entries showing!  Cool!  

Brother Richard answered your prayers!

Thank goodness.  I thought my computer was acting up again.  I just spent $140 to have a virus removed.  Just remember free thinkers like change.


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