Laura Ingraham Thinks Her Big Gold Cross Will Keep Will Away

Each time she goes on TV, Laura Ingraham wears a big gold cross just above her peccaries and close enough to the cleavage she must think all men potential vampire suckers. The big cross is a Thou Shalt Not. Why didn't she become a nun. Not surprisingly, when she goes on a panel of "authorities" today on Fox News Sunday, she chided the president for not caring about the "three million Christians in Iraq." At least Obama does not lie to minorities the way the Bush Bunch lied to the Shias, to the Kurds, and to other ethnic groups when the U.S. fomented revolution with promises of support, and when support was not forthcoming, causing untold thousands to die when Saddam used chemicals on them. Ironically, the use of chemicals was one of the very things that Dallas George urged on both the American people and the U.N. as proof of a need for regime change in Baghdad. Wonder if Ingraham's big gold garlic on a chain will keep that atheist George Will from attacking her in the green room. Wonder why she considers three million Christians more important than other religious minorities in Iraq.

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"Wonder why she considers three million Christians more important than other religious minorities in Iraq."

Because christianity is the One True Faith, doncha know.  The others certainly don't matter as much.  They may not even be fully human for all she thinks.   

Carl, people do think like that. Then they have the gall to call themselves "right" and just know they are "the one true religion." Since becoming atheist it is so easy for me to see this, and what religion does she think she would be if she was born in Iran?

Maybe she should wear garlic around her neck.

Then, when she encounters Count Dracula on the street, she can say, "Count Dracula, so good to see you back in circulation again." No, whatever happened to the Jesus is a Vampire movement that was on about 10-15 years back? They were advising us to wear garlic to ward off the Vampire, Jesus.

"A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. You think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fucking cross? It's like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a rifle pendant." (Bill Hicks)

Some antinomian gnostic sects saw the cross as a contemptuous object, hardly worthy of reverence. Others went so far as to claim that when Simon the Cyrenean takes up the cross on the road to Golgotha, it is he who is nailed to it at the end, not Jesus. Some even depict the real Jesus as watching from a nearby hill, laughing at the Romans for nailing up the wrong guy.

Always look on the bright side of life.


Just had to listen to this ditty again! 

Blasphemy in its finest form. 

I love it!

James, that's all very interesting about the gnostic sects.  I've never heard any of those stories before.  Are they part of what is recorded in the gnostic gospels, those that were left out of the official biblical canon? 

From what James is writing you can easily see why Gnostic books were not included in the christian bible. Theists wanted suffering and Jesus dying on the cross to draw you into christianity. Everyone suffers at some time, and you could feel sorry for Jesus dying for you, so you become a christian out of sympathy for him. Gnostic writings often had Jesus using some other form so he was not recognized. Christians just could not have that, so the Gnostic writings were not included in the New Testament. Strange then that you find in Mark 16:12 that "Jesus appeared to them in another form." What form was it and who or what did he look like? The book doesn't say.

Modern apologists try to avoid this area because it makes all of the New Testament writings look highly suspect, which they are and always have been. Politics makes strange bedfellows at this book binding that took place over 300 years after the time of Jesus.




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