Laveyan Satanism, if someone told you they were whats your first impression?

tltle says it all, i decided to put the subject here because in todays world first impressions can be a deal breaker and people now seem to come to conclussions way too quickly for there own good, it seems to many people don't take the time and simply don't have the interest to ask "yah? well is it what it sounds like? what do they believe? so why is it called? well whats this about than? so if your a part of a atheistic religion (religion i mean as in way of life) group etc that for some reason or another is not understood well even in the atheist community put what it is and what it's about or if your interested in other peoples way of life and mind set please reply and add to this discussion


me personally im an Laveyan Athesist and im hoping none of you all got any wrong opinions of us due to some retard just looking to be called a satanist and if you do have a wrong oppression than i guess thats what im here for in this case

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Funny you should mention this. I am currently reading the Satanic Bible for the second time. Just so long as the person is atheistic in belief with no supernatural woo, fine. Doesn't bother me. My issue would be if there were heavily practiced religion of any kind, or belief in gods, devils, angels, witches,etc...

I honestly see nothing wrong with Laveyan Satanism, just since one doesn't take the "eye for an eye" stuff and the "respond to all carnal desires" stuff to a sociopathic type level. THAT would be too much. I would have no issue dating a LaVeyan Satanist.

lol k good to know

The only issue that I have is that most of the Satanists I know are doing it to rebel and for attention. In other words, that religion attracts extraordinarily childish people. Further, many are really just atheists without morals, who use LaVey's teachings as a reason to be narcisstic and selfish, and neither quality is attractive to me. So it would really depend upon the individual. If it turned out to be someone who is really just an atheist who identifies with and likes Anton LaVey's teachings, fine. If it's someone wanting to be involved in this "religion" for all the wrong reasons...then we have issues.

i agree completely and one fundamental difference between someone who is by nature Laveyan (most "naturals" will say that they've been like the way they are even when they didn't know about the religion for as long as they can remember) and those acting Laveyan is really just that they are acting so most probably would pick up that behavior pattern of rebeling and just being a dick because that is one way people perceive Laveyans and don't get me wrong naturals can naturally be a dick but even than you can tell that they are not looking for ways to be a dick to people thats just who some are (thinking back to this one dick headed Laveyan) ether way those who act i consider a poser and to anyone i would say act not based on others reactions but based on how you feel, don't try to fulfil yourself with other peoples response of your actions but by how you and only you feel about your actions

You're starting to sound like a Scientologist, with usage of jargon.  And you're kind of rambling a bit.  You need to break up your thoughts a little better and use periods, if you want to be comprehensible.

Hmmm Ryan, you kind of lost me on this one. I guess your comment is a perfect example of why I have huge problems with ANY kind of religion, at all, for any reason- the whole "yes man" syndrome that comes along with it. Don't care if it's Christianity, buddhism, whatever- there's rules and regulations and philosophy, supernatural or not, that the practitioner agrees upon....

I didn't have that much of a negative opinion of LaVeyan Satanism before...but I guess I kind of do now, because your description is starting to bring out the negatives that make it a religion, despite the atheistic beliefs...

the "yes sir syndrome" like Joseph P pointed out my grammar can be bad can you explain what part gives off the yes sir syndrome i might have explained something badly on my part but taking orders from someone in the religion on the bases of being "higher" HA, following orders with no reward is pretty much a joke, iv personally never seen it happen and iv never seen it attempted

The whole "those who act can be a poser..' part. Like, there is only one way to be a LaVeyan Satanist, and anyone else is posing. That is the arrogant certitude that is the hallmark of the No True Scotsman fallacy that is the hallmark of debating religious people when you point out flaws and wrong doings of people who practice the same religion. "(s)he/they aren't a REAL [insert whatever religion here].

The beauty of atheism is we don't need all that.The only thing one needs to be an atheist is to not believe in supernatural bullshit. None of the nonsense and jargon that comes along with all religion, including Satanism.

yah i should have explained that part better, there really is no way of "being" a Laveyan Satanist besides naturally being an atheist with no moral values for morals sake, what i was talking about was those individuals who you can see in a group and you can just tell he is in that group for some other reason than him feeling like he is like the rest of the group like a homosexual at an anti gay event, in that example the homosexual could be there because he thinks he can learn to be something else, he could be in complete denial, he could somehow try to ruin the event, he could be there to learn about an anti gay culture, etc i probably could go on, the only way i think you could really catch someone trying to be Laveyan but really isn't is to find some way to get him to say something like "thats just wrong" and of course ask him why because some Laveyans have logical reason to hold a moral value ( like me i hold the value of not showing and specificly not harming a woman out of anger because if i saw that...
than something physiological in my gets me pretty much suddenly pissed probably because im naturally protective of woman so really for me its not a feeling of the guy did something wrong but that the guy pissed me off now me and him have a problem) but if the "suspected poser" doesn't have a logical reason why he thinks something is wrong than he for some reason has those feelings of right and wrong and probably holds moral values for morals sake which goes against most of the Laveyan philosophy

So, I'll try to be positive and say that part of your brain believes that it is not the case that you are a bad person by default UNLESS you give specific reasons why various bad behaviors are bad; you don't consciously think about having a specific moral code, you just (hopefully) are naturally a well behaved person by default.


Stop right there with this and drop the laveyan Satanism label; another part of your brain thinks you are bad by default unless you make yourself look suspicious and then have arguments with people about your worldview or laveyan satanism or whatever, until you finally turn yourself into a good person by triumphing over or winning against your opponents in your arguments. This behavior and these attitudes give me the impression that you are chronically depressed/angry and might need professional help.

ANYWAY my main point of this discussion really is about any atheistic philosophy and not so much about Laveyans although i am glad to see so many responses on the subject, i will continue to answer responses but hopefully there are other people who have misunderstood or not commonly known philosophys so they can do what iv done with explaining the Laveyan philosophy by answering questions




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