Laveyan Satanism, if someone told you they were whats your first impression?

tltle says it all, i decided to put the subject here because in todays world first impressions can be a deal breaker and people now seem to come to conclussions way too quickly for there own good, it seems to many people don't take the time and simply don't have the interest to ask "yah? well is it what it sounds like? what do they believe? so why is it called? well whats this about than? so if your a part of a atheistic religion (religion i mean as in way of life) group etc that for some reason or another is not understood well even in the atheist community put what it is and what it's about or if your interested in other peoples way of life and mind set please reply and add to this discussion


me personally im an Laveyan Athesist and im hoping none of you all got any wrong opinions of us due to some retard just looking to be called a satanist and if you do have a wrong oppression than i guess thats what im here for in this case

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Well I was thinking that in Existentialist philosophy, creation of meaning is what its all about... as long as you remain aware that what you've created has no objective validity at all. I might choose to invent a philosophy to live by, choose to adopt some pre-packaged fantasy, or simply immerse myself in some productive endeavor.

For me I would say that the main part of becoming an atheist was that I was free to live normally without doing the Jewish rituals I was taught. The thing is, I NEVER thought, "now, what system of philosophy do I want to follow," I never thought, "which system of philosophy do I need to adopt to replace Judaism" didn't occur to me that "atheism" could be a system of philosophy, I didn't even know about philosophy, so my life never revolved around a so called system of philosophy, so my brain didn't even have the awareness of being infected with worshipping a system like Leveyan Satanism, it didn't even occur to me that I was rebelling, I was just freeing myself from doing the behaviors another part of my brain somehow always felt were stupid even as a kid but which I just didn't know were possible not to do. There is a difference between actively following a philosophy and just living normally and sometimes thinking back on which pieces of which philosophers you just happen to be compatible with. You just need to focus on having a life. That means finding fun hobbies and activities you like to do, subjects you are interested in, books to read, places you would want to visit, decent friends, and so on. With your Leveyan Satanism, you just waste so much time trying to define it and defend it, but it is not useful or helpful, it doesn't help you have a life. Another thing: you need to just decide what hobbies/activities/things you like, and then find people with similar interests, rather than just picking a group and then trying to do whatever you need to do in order to get them to accept you as one of them (or worse, adopting a system of philosophy tha tsomebody else invented, for yourself, and then making judgments about other people based on how much of the system they follow oe how well they follow it).  Furthermore all religions make the followers feel like it is you versus all the non-believers, and we are not against you, we are equally against both new and old religions because they are, at best systems of bizarre, inherited, abusive, and/or maladaptive time-wasting obsessive-compulsive behaviors and beliefs, mental disorders, and at worse systems that brainwash psychologically volunerable people into not wanting to have a full life, as I mentioned.

trust me i do not condone people living for a religion, life stance, philosophy, group, cultural tradition etc. when i say i am a laveyan satanist im saying thst in my normal behavior my mind set and decision processing is that which the laveyan philosophy describes. before i even knew about the philosophy i was the same person personality wise that i am today so iv never changed its just the way iv always been so im with you when you disagree with those trying to fit in, it causes the individual to take useless unbenefital and unproductive actions and they indeed waste there time with the only life they have. the practical reason now to saying im a laveyan satanist is that its easier to say im a laveyan satanist than im an atheist who doesn't believe in morals for morals sake and im greedy as hell. if there was something that wasn't me in there philosophy i would've been saying the longer response but thats not the case and the name it'self can be used to learn about the individual you are telling




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