Pure insanity. How the hell can we have all the problems we do and our politicians actually waste time on this useless shit?        Freddy




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I hope you are right. I'm to the right of the middle a little bit, politically speaking. And I get tired of the far right (which is basically made up of hard core evangelicals) hi-jacking converatism. These jackals want the Republican party to be gods party. Well, screw their god and their party. Seperation of church and state is a foundation of the USA's beginnings and strength.

I'm afraid we are going to have another disaster and that will only fuel the passion from the hard core religious fanatic for saying that it's gods judgement, and we need to repent as a nation. As Everett McGill said (from O' Brother Where Art Thou?) "Nothing like hard times to flush the chumps."

After reading the article, I was struck by the fact that the current KY Atty. Gen. and Democratic candidate for US Senate, Jack Conway, is appealing the Court's decision. I live right next to KY, and listen to the political ads on TV (when I can't find the mute button in time) where Conway is running against Tea Bagger Ron Paul, Jr. Conway's trailing, and I'm making an educated guess that he 1) doesn't want to give Paul the opportunity to claim that he is siding with "godless heathens," and/or 2) he's pandering to the right wing evangelicals and any other vermin he can just to get votes.

Freddy commented that These jackals want the Republican party to be gods party. I agree, but then again, there are plenty of jackals and hyenas in the Democratic party who put their own lust for power and influence above principle also.
Pat, I don't believe either is a very good candidate. Conway has an elitist attitude has pretty much been wrestling around in local politics for 10 years, winning some and losing some. I was really hoping that Rand Paul would be a different kind of politician, but some of his views are too far out there. In theory, I want the Tea Party to succeed, just so it shows it can be done. I firmly believe that our political system is in dire need of leadership that isn't typically Democrat or Republican. With the diversity of thought in our country, limiting ourselves to two parties is insane. There has to be a REAL middle ground and I'm not sure why we can't find it, other than the two parties WANT to maintain this system and basically monopolize it.

Throw on that, that Republicans are trying to be the party of god and you mentioned the influence that big religion is having and there is one party that is hard to support. I like quite a few Rep ideas, but I won't support those who are trying to push creationism into schools and to basically say our actions (stem cell research, abortion, death penalty, etc) should be taken from the text of a 2,000 year old book. The Dems have to pander somewhat, because if you don't slam your fist down and proclaim your love of Jesus, you lose votes. The Dems have their own problems in policy that keep me from supporting them. It's a confusing time for me and politics. I just don't see any leadership.....I just see people clinging on to their gigs. Freddy
Freddy, there is a great element of truth to what Park says. I watched Ron Paul Jr., when he gave a royal smackdown in the primary to Sen. Mitch McConnell's handpicked candidate, Trey Grayson. It looked as though McConnell, who is a Wall Street whore, just crapped a pineapple (and yes, there are plenty of Democrats who perform sexual favors for the same investment bankers). However, McConnell quickly put the machine and money into action and has now co-opted Paul for the purposes of the GOP. Paul has now backed off of his prior statements about de-criminalization of drugs, paying premiums by individuals to subsidize medicare, and several other Libertarian positions, which don't fit too well with the "wrap yourself in a flag and carry the cross of Jesus" crowd.

I understand what you mean about the Tea Party being a third alternative to the 2 entrenched political machines that have turned the republic into an oligarchy. While I disagree with the Tea Party, the problem they face is the same as every other populist movement this country has seen - from the Grange Movement, to Robert La Follette, etc. They will - and are currently in the process of - being co-opted and absorbed into one of the major parties until they, too, will eventually be a footnote of history.
You know your in trouble when the people you rely on for protection think that an invisibly all-mighty sky fairy is the best form of defense. I weep for the future.




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