Tim Rogers warns us to learn from Nicaragua.

... there’s another worst-case scenario that nobody’s talking about yet: What if Donald Trump refuses to leave the presidency peacefully when it’s time for him to go?

That might seem like an impossible scenario. It certainly should be.

... I’m starting to think that Trump could be positioning himself to stay in power at all costs, especially in the case of an impeachment attempt.

It’s not uncommon for authoritarian presidents to overstay their welcome. It happens all the time in Latin America, where democratically elected presidents use the power of their office to change the rules of the game and allow themselves an extended stay.

Ortega orchestrated his power grab by polarizing the country, dividing the opposition, attacking congress, demonizing the press, forbidding protest, demanding personal loyalty from all government workers, and turning all his public appearances into campaign rallies for his core base of supporters. He institutionalized his cult of personality and normalized the threats of violence and chaos that he could summon at the snap of a finger.

Any of this sound familiar?

The transition from democracy to dictatorship in Nicaragua was mostly methodical and smooth. It was a dance that Ortega led to the rhythm of the autocrat foxtrot—step, step, slide, step, step, slide—until the music ended, and Nicaragua realized it had been pushed and twirled all the way across the room.

Trump’s only been in office for seven months, but he’s already learning the dance steps. He’s already twirled us halfway across the room.

Instead of expanding his base of supporters, he’s radicalizing those who remain loyal to him. This is not an election strategy, it’s a survival strategy. It’s an attempt to blackmail our democracy with the threat of violence, as former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone recently warned. [see video link below]
His apparent calculation is that it’s easier to radicalize a minority of the population on the fringe than it is to move towards the center and get his presidential approval rating into the majority.

This is how dictatorships are born. [emphasis mine]

image source (text mine)

Roger Stone says attempting to impeach Trump will trigger "an insurrection" and any lawmaker "would be endangering their own life"

see video at tweet

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Doing life-endangering stuff, and saying nothing about it, are standard in serious politics.

Why saying nothing? Because non-political folk want do keep their innocence.

In 1996 Ross Perot in effect ended his candidacy when, citing danger, he dropped out briefly.

If an American President refused to leave he might get shot. Just a quote here and not a threat, but I would say it's a good possibility.

Very unlikely Trump is thinking this deep. He likes attention and adoration, goes to big rallies to get attention and adoration. Not complicated.




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