I guess this means Nicholas Cage is pandering to christian loonies.

Friendly Atheist suggested this will be so bad, it will debut on the shelves of Walmart. I don't think there are enough True Christians™ that we would even notice if Yahweh took them all to heaven.  People who claim to be christian are picking and choosing, and god doesn't like that either.  They'll all be left behind, wallowing in their self righteous narcissism.

I would rather rewatch the original Poseidon Adventure.

Shelly Winters! Earnest Borgnine! Gene Hackman! Lesley Nielsen! There is also a subplot about a disillusioned minister.

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Can we all do ourselves a favor and, taking a tip from the title, leave this ill-begotten scrap of celluloid behind?!?

Yes Loren, the title does seem to lend itself to a sense of irony.

Well put Loren.  My thoughts exactly.

No question.  I'd rather watch the original Poseidon Adventure again also.  Can't stand to watch even the trailer of that first piece of garbage you mentioned!

I don't care for Nicolas Cage as an actor, but I can put-up with him in a good movie.  But this is nothing like a good movie.  I'm sure my rating would be an F or a minus 10.

Patricia, FYI Cage was married to Presley for 2 years- 2002 to 2004.

After that he got left behind.

"Left Behind" AGAIN! Spare us, please! Gimme a break! This series of 16 make believe christian books resulted in the first movie in 2000 and it starred Kirk Cameron. Still a believer at that time, I was fighting aginst this nonsense then. It's bullshit! Why would any believer think that a futuristic projected time in history would make them more important that anyone who lived before? Why would futuristic scientific impossibilities become true with dead men rising again also? People living just lives before the "rupture" (spelling is correct) got off easy, but now everything becomes very hard. WTF is this? I suppose nobody wants to be "left behind" in anything but how can the fundies really believe this crap? Not scripture, and not in the Buybull. To the fundie we are in the "end times." They are correct. We have all this commotion because the end of religion is at hand. Besides that, it makes money.

As for this second trailer, yes, I remember "The Posiedon Adventure." A big ship named after an ancient god goes belly up and a few people are saved alive after a grueling experience. Kinda sounds like Jonah and the "rupture" all rolled into one, doesn't it? Exciting for its time, I noticed that even then Shirley Schrift was getting fatter than a hog. Oh, well. She's dead now.

No matter who you are. No matter what you believe. My religion is right and yours is wrong. I can't hear you!

It's funny to see the disaster movie style transposed almost unaltered onto religious eschatology. 

Luara, you are exactly correct in the disaster/religious themes here. I think that was what Irwin Allen was playing to in 1972's film "The Posiedon Adventure." Certainly Allen was aware of the religious overtones in his movie and knew his idea would attract the public. Even the ship's name is that of an ancient god, and you know without watching the movie that disaster awaits. Irwin Allen was pretty damned smart!

I actually like the idea of a transcendental disaster movie.  But the "left behind" movies I've tried to watch have been disasters of crude stereotyping.  It is quite crude in a movie to see someone "accepting Jesus" so they disappear in the Rapture.  The crudity and prejudice of the fundamentalist religious belief system become obvious when believers' vague imaginings are made concrete in a movie.

This is true, Luara. The whole idea in a movie of this type is that you have to accept Jesus or be left behind. Scripture does not support the concept but apologists and believers love it. Translation is that the world is going to hell today, and Jesus didn't come for us 2000 years ago. We had the timing wrong. He's coming again for us SOON. This is what they thought at time of his death. Now we have to assume that belivers are special and you are not.

Isn't it lovely? Believers get ice cream. You get nothing.

Looking at the few lines they have Cage saying in the trailer, I wonder if dementia has set in.  He looks lost.  Even so, he needs to be able to support himself.




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