Leftists are enemies of women, enemies of Atheism, and enemies of freedom

As an Atheist you have a responsibility to not vote for these idiots like Obama and Hillary who are too stupid to be politicians and to stupid to be alive.

They make comments like "99.9% of Muslims are peaceful people" when research shows that the majority of them want sharia and sympathize with Jihadists.

If you hate the dehumanizing of women, religious intolerance, laws that enforce the torture and execution of those who do not adhere to certain religious beliefs, if you hate bigotry or pedophilia, then you hate Islam!

If you hate Islam then you hate the disgusting left who promote it with their silence and inviting them into our country, refusing to speak the truth, and then worse, they defend it and debate with the right about why we should let Muslims be Politicians!

We want no one in our nation who faces Saudi Arabia five times a day, the Misogynist capitol of earth where woman are controlled and treated worse than slaves. I'd rather be on a plantation where the owner treats His slaves as well as He treats his workhorses, than go through the life long nightmare that women there must go through, treated as possessions without even the right to leave the home on their own.

We must think about our children and our children's children. Even these "Peaceful Muslims" typically are for Sharia law and Jihad sympathizers. They exalt a mass murderer, epitome of bigot, rapist, and polygamist who forced His ways upon others.

It is time we do what is best for civilization and recognize that we should not accommodate the greatest threat to women and liberty. What do you call it when millions of unwanted Aliens invade your continent and countries?
It is called WAR. Pure and simple.

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ok, fine, so Matt's posting is overalarmist and over-prejudiced against all muslims. That doesn't change the fact that all religions happen to be bogus, not just christianity, and there actually are nazi-like, ku-klux-klan-like, organized mafia-like, violent, dangerous, massively armed islamic terrorist groups called the Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria, the talaban, Hamas, Hezbolah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and possibly others. Most Amercans have not been directly affected by it, so you might not have known about radical islam. Right now, most religious people who happen to be doing the bad harassment and assaults that their religion teaches them to do, happen to be muslim. Its sort of like how in the past christians conducted the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, blood libels, pograms, and various harassment of non-believers. Now it seems like Islam is taking its turn as the violent religion.

But I did find a blog posting about a book called "Buddhist Warefare" by Mark Juergensmeyer and Michael Jerryson, so apparently there are Buddhists who want to harass or assaualt or harm non-buddhists, or worse, if they haven't already started to, and we just usually are unaware of it. Perhaps it's not politically correct to write or say anything bad about religions other than christianity. All religions are mental disorders or worse.
The essence of Matt's argument has merit, as I myself is guilty of throwing the first stones at Christianity and Catholicism. I can only speak for myself as it more directly affected my life. Hell, I could probably count on one hand the Muslims I personally know. The religion itself is as complete bullshit as the rest. I think some leftists hate the fact that the Christian religious right denounces them while not holding their own religion to the same standards especially since the first amendment protects freedom of religion.

Matt is essentially correct. We make a mistake when we equate the culture of Islam with the culture of Europe and America. The two are not equal. And abetting the perpetuation of intolerance makes no sense to me.

I find no honor in tolerating intolerable ideas; no virtue in remaining silent in the face of offensive words or deeds. 

I haven't visited AN for a while. I must say, I'm not impressed by this piece (of crap). I expect to find this garbage on Briebart or Drudge. If this is written by an atheist, I'm embarrassed for us all that he or she is among us. There are right ways, and completely WRONG ways to go about discrediting religion in a way that doesn't inflame the world towards total chaos.

Thank you, Future. This is why my replies in this blog have all been towards downplaying the obvious inflammation.

Your indifference to misogyny and the epitome of religious tyranny and totalitarian Government is nauseating

OK. What do we do then with your idea that all the apples in the barrel are rotten?

Some are good people but just brainwashed, not rotten.

What do I suggest? The leftists speak the truth and do what common sense dictates as best for civilization.

Putting the fault here on "leftists" seems to be a thing with you. Left and right political leaning have different meanings in other countries than they do here in the USA. I suggest you learn them and apply them accordingly. The way I read your writings it says everyone should vote GOP and believe that way as well. You appear to be saying that Democrats (the left as you call it) are causing everything. That simply is not so. ISIS and ISIL do not understand this as you say it, and I doubt that Islam in general does either.  You can have your own one party dictatorial government but I want no part of it.

BTW, Hitler came to power this way.

Leftists are the ones more Politically correct, multi-cultural, and in favor of bringing Muslims into America and Europe.

In Europe, it is the far-right that is protesting the Islamic invasion. The left has even made it illegal to speak the truth about Islam in various European nations.

Donald Trump has the common sense to recognize that Muslims do no good for this country on average, and the more Muslims we have in this country increases the risk of terrorism.

Common sense. Wake up!

Also the ones who demonize Israel and in so doing prove hypocritical in failing to put any other nation under the same scrutiny.

But i would not credit Trump with sense of any kind except self-aggrandizement and knowing how to play to his base. His call to chuck all Muslims in USA is shameful.


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