Legislative alert - they are voting on aid in dying bill today - need calls to members

The bill SB128 now in the California Assembly is being voted on today by the committee that has it.  The Church is trying to stall this bill because it allows terminally ill people to end their lives peacefully and with dignity instead of in suffering and agony. This contradicts Church dogma which maintains that we don't own our own lives - only God does and only they know what He wants - which is for us to suffer in pain and agony for our sins against Him. We disagree. We think the Church is opposed to freedom and democracy as it always has been and is tyring to use its tyrannical majority to force its will on the American people as usual.

If you want to help us and live in California here is a list of the phone numbers of the committee members who will be voting on the bill today (July 7, 2915).  Call and request that they pass the bill.

Call these Health Committee members and request that they pass SB 128 through committee:


1. Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego
(916) 319-2080
2. Jimmy Gomez of downtown Los Angeles
(916) 319-2051
3. Roger Hernández of West Covina
(916) 319-2048
4. Freddie Rodriguez of Pomona/Chino
(916) 319-2052
5. Miguel Santiago of downtown Los Angeles
(916) 319-2053
6. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas of Culver City
(916) 319-2054

Also call these 2 Republicans from San Diego County on the committee: 

1. Brian Maienschein 
(916) 319-2077
2. Rocky Chávez (916) 319-2076

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