Let's all send support for Jessica Ahlquist again - the cretins RI are at her again


seems that all 4 of the florist shops in the town won't send her flowers from the FFRF.

The religionists down there are very savage right wingers who would break your legs as soon as look at you .

jessica needs us badly.

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I thought this was old news, tied to the original court case. FFRF is suing for damages because the florists refused to send flowers to Ahlquist when she was pushing to remove religion from her school. I could be wrong but I don't think anybody is bothering her now.

Personally, I think anyone refusing to provide flower services due to religious beliefs is a blithering idiot. I do not think they should have an obligation to provide those services though. There may be federal and state laws that say otherwise.

I really don't think this is current so there is no need for anyone to rush in to help her.

Thanks Greg,  Unfortunately this is new because 3 other Cranston florists have now joined the first one.  This is one nasty community she lives in and anyway we can help her would be good.


I think if we could get our message to the kids of the community things might be different.  Kids, even of people like that, do not like to have parents who do evil and vicious things.


booklover, you're ignoring non-humans.

I'm with luna. I'll even bet a few bucks there are some kids in Cranston not yet ruled by fear.

BTW, didn't Roger Williams found Rhode Island colony when religious bigots ran him out of Massachusetts?

Long term we might improve. There is good reason to believe that many of the younger generation of religious believers follow the rules because the older generation tells them to, but when they become the older generation the same thing happens again.

I'm sure if you talk to christians in their 70s, you will find that there are rules which you would be sent directly to hell for 50 years ago that are perfectly acceptable now.

Religitards being slow learning dicks is not news, it's part of the war of ideas, now lets sick 'em.
I put out a couple of tweets #EvilLittleThing

Can I send yong lady a support massage, so she may know athiest all arround the world stand by her side.




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