Let's all start using the phrase "God-myth" instead of the word "God" from now on

If all atheists started saying "God-myth" instead of "God" we might be able to finally change the obsession of our country with religion.  This would force believers to have to prove what they are referring to day in and day out.  They would have to present objective evidence for their god and for their claim that he gave them the right to rule over society or else continue to hear us say "God-myth" each and every time.

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I like this challenging suggestion.

I shall try it out.

I think it is a great idea, Eric. I'm going to try it.

The thing is they act so stupid when you tell them they would be of another religion if born in another part of the world. When you tell them there are over 4000 gods they say a person could not possibly try every one of them, as if that makes their choice the right one. They don't get it. Gods are like blind beggers wanting you to help support them. Believers cannot see the forest for the trees.

With one notation/suggestion: lose the caps.  A god-myth is little different from a fairy-myth or a bigfoot-myth or any other myth and deserves no special treatment.  It certainly hasn't earned the status of a proper noun!

I agree, Loren, and I'm guilty of using caps a lot where they are not needed. Words like bible, christian, god, etc. should all be lower case. People use the word "God" as if it meant something. What could it possibly mean? It should be lower case and I will try to make myself compliant with this in the future.

I try to phrase things in terms of a generic god or gods, or a qualified one like "the Christian god" or "the god they believe in", in preference to using "God" like a name.

But then, I capitalize names like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort as well.

"god-myth" is an elegant, forceful way to remove the privilege of assumed reality from the commonplace Christian (or whichever) god character!

Frankly, I have no problems rejecting gods in toto unless some kind of substantial evidence is attached to allegations of their existence.  The burden of proof is on the one making the positive claim, and I ain't heard anything meaningful from any claimant yet.

And until I do, the baby and the bathwater wind up in the sewer.

Great idea, eric. You too, Loren. I'll go with "god-myth".

Eric, thanks, this idea makes sense to me. Thanks, Michael and Loren.  

One Nation Under God-Myth -- yeah, that sounds about right!

Too true . . . and in Britain we have

"God-myth save the Queen". 

And it even fits the extra note at the end of the national anthem!

(whose tune got borrowed in the States for "My Country, 'Tis of Thee")

Oh my God myth! I like the suggestion and will try to use thses words where ever I can.




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