The mormon necro-dunking of everyone needs to stop. As an Ex-mormon I find this practice to be the height of arrogant disrespect for all human kind. The more pressure put on those crusty old farts in the desert, the better.

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Ok - I will sign that.

As an atheist, I realize that dead people are no longer with us, and so baptizing them does not actually do anything. This disrespect is actually a service to people who feel religion is decisive. By keeping the dumb religious masses pinned against each other with the realization that at their foundational levels, they can't coexist, it gives rational minds a chance to breath.

I say, keep them divided with stupid stuff like this, this does not involve us. I would rather go after these groups for matters that effect me in real life, and not their imaginary heaven.

Utterly agreed.  The utter presumptuousness of the LDS church to take such action upon everyone from Mitt Romney's atheist father-in-law to Mohandas Gandhi (?!?) fer petesake should find ZERO TOLERANCE, regardless if one is a theist or atheist.  This brand of behavior suggests to me a perceived superiority on the part of mor(m)ons for their faith and with that the assumed right to convert whomever they please, even after death.

Strikes me time for some civil suits, filed by the estates or descendents of those so victimized, to slap some sense into these dips and maybe teach them to keep their own house in order before they presume on someone else's.

Need I mention - gladly signed.

Well put Loren.  I completely agree.


On a humorous note, though, there is this 

Absolutely silly. When I hear about things like this I think "they can't HONESTLY believe such nonsense," but then I remember that the entire religion was founded by a man who claimed to have found magic plates of gold that only he could translate (by putting a 'seer' stone in a hat nonetheless). And that after one dies, they would rule their own planet like gods and have spirit children. 




And let us not forget that this same man was a con artist before he was a holy roller ... though come to think of it, ain't those the SAME THING?!?

Haha. Indeed!

wow they're hard up for hype-induced cash aye? so funny how people forget the FLDS jeff's is in jail for life for.. ah what a waste... fear monger tactics too many to mention. they live off welfare.. dugh

they get multiple women off the streets and guess who foots the bill for the mulitwives cycle.. taxpayers...
instead of rehab they get prefab crap thought police and rapists imho.. that dress nice.. but it's too hot outside in Florida for that dressup crap so peace! cya later! >: )

meanwhile.. human rights comes to mind.

you'd have to put a stop to offshore tax havens which the arch leader uses like in the millions...




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