Let's start a third political party openly sponsored by Atheists

Trump has shown that you don't have to spend a dime to get all the advertising you need to run for president.  I'm sure us Atheists would be just as entertaining to the general public as Trump is, and therefore, our advertising would be free and automatic.  Our opening statement could be something about the Tea Party destroying the Republican party by attempting to inject religion into our political system, and we feel that the country needs two solid parties to maintain an even keel. 

By taking this step, I think we would find a lot more Atheists in the country, and it would hasten the demise of religion. 

If nothing else, it would be fun!! 

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Sounds like fun, though I'm not sure what the political platform would be. Judging from this and other groups, it could range from a libertarian leaning free marketer like myself, to Bernie style socialism.

[As a side point, it's a mistake to think of the Tea Party as a religiously driven movement, even though they have some fundie support. The energy behind it is rebellion against the machine based DC political control, which involves both parties. We probably need some more rebellion if we are ever to get things better.]

The only way an atheist third party would be either sustainable or impactful would be if we could garner and organize a sufficient voting block as to force either of the two currently existing parties to negotiate with us.  That would mean turning the 20-25% currently polled as "non-religious" sufficiently politically active as to pose a serious challenge to the Republicans and Democrats.  Short of that, such a party would amount to little more than spoilers, much as those independents who voted for H. Ross Perot 25 years ago may have been.

At least as important would be being able to field candidates for office who represented genuine alternatives to incumbents and opposing politicians, complete with platforms and policies consonant with atheist / humanist thinking and positions.  I'm not saying it's impossible; I'm saying it's one hell of a bite to chew off, and serious thought should be committed before the choppers attempt to take a munch.

That one didn't go very far.  The last entry I saw was in 2013, so they must be out of business.  Too bad, as that was close to what I had in mind.

I guess we could start working on the polical plank while we are looking for a candidate.




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