I think it's time for Atheists to join STEM scientists and athletes in nonviolent protest of racial injustice and white supremacy.

US scientists take a knee to protest racism

Across the US, scientists have posted pictures to social media as part of the #ScientistsTakeAKnee campaign.

In pictures, videos and messages posted to social media on Tuesday (26.09.17), scientists in the United States joined an online debate highlighting racial injustice in the country.

Under the hashtag #ScientistsTakeAKnee, people or groups connected to the "STEM" fields of science, technology, engineering and math documented themselves as they dropped down to one knee in solidarity with African-Americans.

Take a knee: Dozens of NFL players stage biggest protest yet in res...

We too can should use social media to demonstrate that the hate speech coming from our government doesn't represent us. I'm not proud of our country right now.

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Please take a knee. It's important that people understand this action is not disrespectful. Nobody is protesting against the anthem, the flag, or patriotism. I'm ex-military and was never told I had to protect our anthem. I was not even protecting our flag. It was the Constitution we protected.

Now we have a dimwit draft dogging moron wanting to use sports to claim this is all wrong and unpatriotic. Many of his supporters agree with him. They are all wrong. Trump is drawing attention away from matters at hand.

1. The Mueller investigations.

2. The fact that Trump is doing nothing to help Puerto Rico.

His excuses are horrible. The man owes them over 33 million himself but he cites their debt as to why he don't help them. Lives are at stake here, but Trump doesn't like brown people. Mexico, Puerto Rico, or wherever they are all the same to him.

The man is a lunatic. He even wants to continue with his Mexican wall at a cost of billions. Many of his ignorant supporters approve of it. If it even gets built the illegals and drugs will have to be flown in to our country. I'm so amazed that nobody can see through this crap.

Dolt 45 you are a Fascist racist bigot pig. It's time to go, Donnie.

But beware of who would move in to take his place.  A religious zealot who hates gays and, incidentally, atheists would/will be our president.

Totally agree.  Assuming he doesnt blow up the world, I would rather stick with Trump for as long as possible.  Pence will get bad shit done.

Yep. If he had his way we'd all be extras in The Handmaid's Tale.

Taking a knee during the National Anthem IS disrespectful.  Doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't do it, but let's not treat it as some alternate method of respecting America.  It wasn't meant that way when Kaepernick first did it, it was simple LESS disrespectful than sitting during the anthem.  Protest is okay.  Protest is good.  But can we stop pussying around and saying taking a knee during the National Anthem is respectful?

Disrespectful. What document says you have to stand? Is the anthem listed and talked about in the Constitution? Trump knows how to play and divide you. I'm ex-military and your boy Trump is a lifelong draft dodger and certainly no patriot.

Documents and constitutions don't tell you it's not nice to turn your ass towards people and fart on them, but you don't do it do you?  Before this NFL situation, have you ever witnessed, in your time in the service or otherwise, anyone not standing and standing still for the anthem?  If so, what were your thoughts?

Yes, I have witnessed people not standing for the anthem. I have not witnessed people turning their ass towards others and farting on them. Where did you see this one? Is the farting considered to be as bad as not standing?

Earlier today in "matters of Trump" on the Internet someone told me that I spend too much time believing mainstream news. I do see news from all over the world and it seems to agree and validate events worldwide, even when the news comes from Iran or Cuba. I suppose my failure here is to see that "fake news" seems to have arrived at the same time as our "fake president." This makes me first wonder where he gets his news. Secondly, it makes me wonder why his news is correct and mine is not. You really need to consider that while supporting this man.

Support Trump all you want to. I do not, and will not. He is a horrible man creating diversions as he divides people as much as possible. This seems to be a part of his agenda as he tries to "Make America White Again." I want no part of that and the man scares the bejesus out of me. I make no excuses for him or the office that he has hijacked. My best guess in explaining his election is that a lot of people thought he was "real" on Reality TV. Many need to "fact check" his words and lies. His true followers will not do this, and they immediately start talking about someone else or something else every time you bring up an issue about him.

Enough about the man. Whatever he is up to it does not have our best interests in mind. He would rather divide by having us all argue on whether "taking a knee" is disrespectful. Again, as a soldier, I was never protecting our national anthem. By design Trump has never experienced military service.

Thanks for answering half my question.  The other half:  "If so, what were your thoughts?"

That's regarding when you witnessed people not standing for the anthem.  Please elaborate.  Were they in wheelchairs? 

Turning my ass and farting on people is not the subject, Jerry.

Diverting attention is a tactic of people with weak evidence for their beliefs. Diverting attention to attention-grabbing subjects is a tactic of people with the weakest evidence.

I'm a Korean War combat veteran and I support the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. No business venture, the NFL or any other, has a right to use patriotism to add to its profits.

I understand the Chicago Bears stayed in their locker room during the fake patriotism display. I stay away from such displays or remain seated.

 Diverting attention to attention-grabbing subjects is a tactic of people with the weakest evidence.

Well put, tom.

Vote Vets also supports taking a knee during the national anthem. Others have shared your sentiment too.

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