I think it's time for Atheists to join STEM scientists and athletes in nonviolent protest of racial injustice and white supremacy.

US scientists take a knee to protest racism

Across the US, scientists have posted pictures to social media as part of the #ScientistsTakeAKnee campaign.

In pictures, videos and messages posted to social media on Tuesday (26.09.17), scientists in the United States joined an online debate highlighting racial injustice in the country.

Under the hashtag #ScientistsTakeAKnee, people or groups connected to the "STEM" fields of science, technology, engineering and math documented themselves as they dropped down to one knee in solidarity with African-Americans.

Take a knee: Dozens of NFL players stage biggest protest yet in res...

We too can should use social media to demonstrate that the hate speech coming from our government doesn't represent us. I'm not proud of our country right now.

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Is tried to edit the above, but it wouldn't take it, so here is what I tried to add.

I'm an activist also, but I write letters to who I think can make a difference.

The instances we see on the news showing blacks being mistreated, or killed in a less than justified manner, does not mean that blacks do not have equal rights.  Every part of society has that percentage of people who are prejudiced.  Law enforcement is not any different in that respect.  And, when it is shown, the officers involved are handled according to law. 

What I was trying to point out was the fact that in the three instances I mentioned in my letter was that the riots took place before any facts were determined. And in the case of Brown, they had a riot AFTER the facts were determined, AND the facts showed that the police officer acted correctly.  And then they rioted a year later, on the "anniversary",  even though the facts proved the officer acted correctly.  What was the purpose of that?

That's not how I got the story, Donald. Zimmerman didn't even live there, and yes, he was "self appointed." Nobody in the neighborhood told him to do this job.

But now I'm thinking about young Martin. It's easy to imagine someone is following you. How many times did Martin come there to visit his father? Did he always hide in the bushes and then jump out to "take care of some cracker?" How many crackers did he take care of in other places?

Keep in mind that it was Zimmerman who brought a pistol to a fist fight. This all happened because Zimmerman wanted to have everything "under control" by the time the cops got there.

Donald, to me your perspective exhibits racism. Not the mean-acts-by-an-individual type of racism, but the kind of racism which supports systemic oppression partly due to privilege blindness.

When you say, "The biggest threat against racial harmony right now is the organization "Black Lives Matter"(BLM)." my reaction is "Why can't Donald see organized white nationalism as a big threat to racial harmony?" I wonder if you've even read my discussions in Diversity for a Better Future, for example about how Russian trolls and bots promote racist division here, or the one about ‘‘invisible systems conferring unsought racial dominance.’’

ha ha ha ha ha

 "Why can't Donald see organized white nationalism as a big threat to racial harmony?" 

If you are talking about the KKK, and the Neo Nazis, and other similar groups,  I do see that.

But it's the actions of groups like BLM that pushes people to groups like those.  Both sides are giving ammunition to their opponent groups.

The very fact that I'm writing letters to people who I think can make a difference should show that I'm trying to improve relations. 

Racist?   ha ha ha ha

I honestly don't think your education is in the field of psychology.

Adios Atheist Nexus.

Donald I am just doing a quick browsing; I will go back and read your full letter.  Just wanted to say, though, that the chance you would be called a racist was percent 1,000,000, it was just a matter of how quickly.  I knew the forum wouldn't let me down!  But it disappoints, doesn't it, that we really can't have difficult conversations without it descending, in nanoseconds, to the race card being played to try to shut you up.

Jerry, Donald now visits A/N less often than he once did. A now-retired career Army man, he authored a small book in which he tried to open Republican minds to Atheism. IMO, he is too complex a man for even a kilosecond reply.

I read and reread his l-o-n-g post and consider it too short by years if not decades (of experience).

Donald’s words about Jesse Jackson persuade me that he did not (at the 2008 DemoCratic Convention when Obama won the nomination) see the tears in Jesse’s eyes. Jesse had run for the Party’s nomination in 1988 and of course failed.

Not being able to see what people of color are talking about does nothing to improve relations. It just doesn't work that way.

I agree, Ruth.

I respect Colin for his courageous stand.

Got angry at Mike Pence a couple of months ago and borrowing from his theme got this published in our national paper.

Time for Republicans to take a knee on health care

Russell, nothing fails like a failure to persuade Republicans to treat non-investors as equals.

The Oath of office  is to protect and defend the Constitution.

Not the flag, or some nonsense football team.


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