I think it's time for Atheists to join STEM scientists and athletes in nonviolent protest of racial injustice and white supremacy.

US scientists take a knee to protest racism

Across the US, scientists have posted pictures to social media as part of the #ScientistsTakeAKnee campaign.

In pictures, videos and messages posted to social media on Tuesday (26.09.17), scientists in the United States joined an online debate highlighting racial injustice in the country.

Under the hashtag #ScientistsTakeAKnee, people or groups connected to the "STEM" fields of science, technology, engineering and math documented themselves as they dropped down to one knee in solidarity with African-Americans.

Take a knee: Dozens of NFL players stage biggest protest yet in res...

We too can should use social media to demonstrate that the hate speech coming from our government doesn't represent us. I'm not proud of our country right now.

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I wonder how many know the historical cadre of the National Anthem


How did this get into a conversation about gays?

Trumps favorite newsrag is the National Enquirer.

As Trump takes his early morning dump of taco bell he twitts.

Jerry McMasters

I call B/S.

Sure the DoD uses high school sporting events to promote ROTC training and enlistment.

Where is the evedience that the national anthem was paid for at high school, or national sporting events by the DoD? High school football and other team sports is just another form of tribalism.

If one grew up in Kansas City the Chiefs may be their favoriate football team  just as one who grew up in different regions may support their favorite religion.

Hey Chris.  This is a link from googling "dod paid nfl" there were many news results to choose from.


Interesting Jerry McMasters ,

Didn't know DoD was paying for sports. I dosen't suprise me though.

Communities around the country are willing to pay a premium in local tax dollars to get a sports arena in their town.

I wonder how many 'sports fans' realize that a tax subsidation for a stadium is a form of corporate welfare.

Go Raiders to Las Vegas and other teams elsewhere.

The Raders in Oakland have been know as traders for awhile.

Sports fans may be like religious fans. 

It may depend on the town you grow up in to decide which religion, or sports team you support.

Dolt is an appropriate word for "The Don."

Dunning-Kuger Don may be be better.

I sent this letter to the White House, CNN, and Black Lives Matter.

An Open Letter to America On Race Issues

Although I’ve never been prejudiced against blacks, I have to be honest; I feel a tinge of uneasiness developing within me.

When I started this letter, I was thinking only of recent incidents, but so that you understand my feelings, I want to go back to the beginning when we had slavery in America. At that time, slavery was pretty much accepted around the world. In other words, it wasn’t just America. The last country in the world to abolish slavery was Mauritania, a country in Northwest Africa, in 1981. (Although slavery is now illegal in every country, it does not mean that it is enforced in all countries. For all practical purposes, India, Mauritania, and several other countries do not enforce their anti-slavery laws.)

During the Civil War 389,753 Union soldiers (mostly white) died to free the slaves. From the time the Civil War was over until the mid-1900s, things didn’t go very well for the blacks. Segregation was the norm in the South, and I admit that the KKK and other groups, and individuals, were out to cause trouble for the blacks whenever they could.

But in the 1960s school integration was established, and all legal barriers to blacks were lifted. We bussed white and black students from one school district to another to make sure all students received an equal education. Quotas were set up in colleges to ensure that blacks would get an equal chance at a college education. Many whites were denied the college of their choice because of this program. Although this practice was unfair to whites who had done everything right to get into college, I thought in my own mind that it was necessary to give blacks an equal footing. I felt we had to work toward balance between the races to provide equal opportunity.

Then, in 1991, we were all shown the Rodney King beating. Blacks and whites, alike, were horrified to see our police officers beating a person so badly, and the severity was so unnecessary. Then to add insult to injury, the four officers involved were acquitted!! This acquittal led to the Watts riot, and again I could understand the pent up frustrations. But I couldn’t understand why they were destroying businesses, and openly stealing from those businesses along the riot route. Those businesses were in black neighborhoods. Why were they attacking and destroying their own neighborhood? It still doesn’t make sense to me.

Then, in 2012, we had the Trayvon Martin case. I honestly just don’t understand how the black community could find anything wrong with the actions of Trayvon’s victim, George Zimmerman.

Rachel Jeantel, the lady that Trayvon was talking to on the phone just before the altercation said that Trayvon referred to Zimmerman as a "Creepy-ass cracker". (For those of you who do not know what cracker is; it is in reference to the slave owners who literally cracked the whip on their black slaves. It is meant to be just as derogatory to whites as the "N" word is to blacks.).

The 911 dispatcher had to ask Zimmerman if the person he was watching was black. This indicates to me that Trayvon had a chip on his shoulder at the start of the altercation, and Zimmerman was naively doing the job he thought he should be doing, while on his rounds for the neighborhood watch, and was not thinking about race. He was thinking of Trayvon as any other human being. He did not approach Trayvon, but called 911 for assistance in finding out what Trayvon was doing in the neighborhood. That is what the "Neighborhood Watch" program is all about.

There were two witnesses who saw the fight. It was dark, and one thought it was Trayvon on top, and the other thought it was Zimmerman. Since Trayvon had no bruises, and Zimmerman’s head was all bruised and scraped, it seemed obvious that it was Trayvon on top. The only wound Trayvon had was a bullet hole in his body.

Of course, the black protests started up. I don’t understand this. Are they saying that just because it is a white being beat to death by a black, that the white cannot defend himself? What is their message? It seems to me that if the blacks want equal rights, and equal opportunities, that they should expect equal treatment and equal responsibilities.

One thing that really bothered me to no end in this case was when President Obama spoke up and said, "If I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon." By getting mixed up in cases like these, all he can be doing is trying to stir up racial tensions. He did the same thing with the arrest of Professor Gates in 2009. Are you starting to see the discrepancy here? It seems that it is wrong for the whites to be prejudiced against blacks, but it’s okay for blacks to be prejudiced against whites. In both instances he made those statements before any evidence was provided to show what the truth was. Isn’t that the meaning of

Then in 2014, Michael Brown, an 18 year old black man, was shot and killed by a white police officer, and again, the riots. The riots started the day after the shooting, so obviously there was no way of knowing the facts that soon. But they rioted, and burned local businesses, and stole the merchandise from the burning buildings. Then they rioted again in November 2014, when the officer was cleared of any wrong doing. Then they rioted again in August 2015 on the anniversary of the shooting. During all these riots, they burned, and looted local businesses. After the riot of August 2015, they interviewed a black lady whose business had been completely destroyed and looted. She said she was deep in debt because of the costs of restoring her business from the previous riot. Why are blacks destroying blacks? What’s the point? Especially when there is no reason to riot in the first place.

I’m positive that the blacks I know do not agree with the protestor’s actions. I also know that the majority of blacks do not agree with the protestor’s actions. But what I don’t understand is why the blacks that are against the rioter’s actions don’t speak up against the rioters. Why don’t they tell Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to stay home and lead riots in their own cities? Why don’t the black citizens block the "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) rioters from doing any harm in their own communities?

The blacks say they want equal rights. We have blacks at every level of society from the President on down. The blacks want equal rights, but equal rights demand equal responsibilities. I haven’t seen any examples of this happening, even at the presidential level.

I don't think I'm prejudiced. Maybe my growing doubts are the result of observable facts.

The biggest threat against racial harmony right now is the organization "Black Lives Matter"(BLM). That organization seems to be the leading force in all of these protest marches (riots) lately, and that is one of the biggest reasons for the building of dislike between the races right now. We thought that with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson dropping out of sight that things would start cooling down a little, and we could continue working on easing tensions between the races. I guess that’s not going to happen now that BLM is picking up the slack.

Donald, you wrote:
“Those businesses were in black neighborhoods. Why were they attacking and destroying their own neighborhood? It still doesn’t make sense to me.”

Donald, while in 11th and 12th grades (1947-1949) I worked after school and on weekends in my dad’s small grocery store. The Watts riots happened years later but I followed the news and understood that the stores that were burned were owned by non-blacks and their owners were cheating the customers such as by charging higher prices than other stores.

Also, what do you know about “payday loan” shops? Many such businesses are in or near minority communities and charge excessive, and even illegal, interest rates.
Donald, you have years of studying to do if you want to learn the story of race relations in America.

And studying that history won’t tell you what living it will tell you.

Tom, you're only six years older than me, so please don't talk down to me.  I grew up in the poorer part of Seattle, WA.  We were surrounded by blacks, and Asians.  I joined the military in 1955, when the military was still in the process of accepting blacks into all career fields as ordered by President Truman.  I was around people from all parts of the U.S., and I know what prejudice means.

What I tried to point out in my letter was that the three riots I mentioned were causing as much tension as the reason they were rioting.  Also that the three riots were completely unjustified, based on the facts that came out after the riots.  The only riot I can think of that feel was justified, was the Watts riot after the police acquittal verdict from the Rodney King beating,

Mr. Engel. George Zimmerman was a "self appointed" neighborhood watchman who had no rounds, rules, or uniform. He was in touch with the police that day after spotting Martin but was told to do nothing and not get involved. Zimmerman chose to do otherwise. Now we have Martin being confronted by a white man making claims and that white man is dressed just like everyone else. A fight breaks out and Martin is shot to death. Please explain how Zimmerman was a victim. I fail to see him as a victim.

You go on and on with other events here involving black people where I would take issue with your stand. Your remark of "the blacks say they want equal rights" is pretty much proof that they do not have equal rights. That's what the protests are about. That's what taking a knee is all about.

I call myself an activist and I can say exactly that all lives matter.

Mike, I've never heard of a neighborhood watch program that wasn't "self appointed".  I was the "captain" of our neighborhood watch program in Oklahoma City.  I sent fliers out to all of my neighbors to have a meeting,  I had the local police come in and give us a presentation on what to do, and how to handle "strangers".  There are no appointed rounds, or uniforms, or rules in a neighborhood watch program.  Treyvon was on the phone with a lady friend, and she testified that Treyvon said something to the effect of, "Hold on, I have to take care of a wise-assed cracker". 

Zimmerman had broke off from following Treyvon, and walked over to the next street to get the name of the street to give to the police for location.  On the way back, Treyvon jumped out of the bushes, and attacked Zimmerman,  He could have faced Zimmerman and asked him what he was doing following him.  Instead, he sucker- punched him knocking him to the ground, and continued beating on him until Zimmerman shot him.




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